Nemo Trilogy Sim Will Close On 29th October 2010

On Monday 18th October 2010, Sextan Shepherd posted that the Nemo Trilogy sim in Second Life will close on 29th October 2010 on the SLUniverse Forums. It’s sad to see the sim go and we not forget the truly amazing beauty of it all. The quality of Sextan Shepherd’s NEMO builds is absolutely amazing and very detailed. I found out that the sim opened on Tuesday 23rd March 2010 according to The Steam Punk Tribune site.


About Nemo Trilogy

One of the most acclaimed and creative spots in Second Life is the Nemo trilogy, consisting of three distinct virtual world locations inspired by the three natural elements of water, earth and air. Designed by Sextan Shepherd, this impressive steampunk-themed creation takes inspiration from the works of author Jules Verne and even inventor Nikola Tesla. The Destination Guide’s Brett Linden recently toured the Nemo trilogy with creator Shepherd, who shared his thoughts about this ambitious project.

Posted by Sextan Shepherd on 18th October 2010


I create this thread to announce that the Nemo Trilogy Sim (located on France3D futuna) will definitively close on October 29th

It was a great fun to create this place, but now it’s time for me to “move” on another SIM project. ( I will open a thread on the “Project Development” forum )

I have learnt a lot while building this place and I consider Nemo as a training course for something more improved.

So you got 10 days left to vist and enjoy the place.

Prims to prims, pixels to pixels

Not long left till Sextan Shepherd closes the amazing Nemo Trilogy steampunk sim in Second Life. Go and visit the location today!