BURN2 2010 Snapzilla Pictures

There is a special page on Snapzilla to send your BURN2 snapshots for this year’s 2010 event. Check out the special page and send your own pictures from inworld to the BURN2 2010 page. Click on the red-orange circle links along the top for 2005-2010 snapshots from inworld.

Burn2 2010 – Snapzilla

Check out the images from 2010’s Burn2 celebration (formerly known as Burning Life), which features creative works in honor of the annual Burning Man contest. Also, take a look back with the collections from the past five years, which contain thousands of images.

All images sent in from the related sims will be automatically tagged. If you would like your uploads to be included, tag them with burn2 as the tag.

Check out my BURN2 pictures of my adventures so far during 2010.