BURN2 Festival 2010 Begins

The countdown is over and wait is over. The gates are now officially open for this year’s BURN2 Fesitival 2010 in Second Life. Search for “Burning Man” on the Map and teleport over to enjoy the fun. Explore the wonderful burn2 builds and listen to music events.

Burn2 Map 2010

What are your first reactions of Burn2 Festival 2010 so far?. Your welcome to comment and I would love to hear from you. 😀

Linden Lab Employees Don't Use Plurk Anymore

When searching for Lindens on Plurk I came across a listing of Linden Lab employees that have created accounts on Plurk but are inactive now. Many Lindens have active accounts on Twitter and on Facebook nowadays. Avatars United did have Linden accounts but Linden Lab closed down this service this year.

Inactive Lindens on Plurk

  • Blue Linden
  • Katt Linden
  • Kate Linden
  • Meta Linden
  • Colton Linden
  • Infinity Linden
  • Torley Linden
  • Blondin Linden
  • Esbee Linden
  • Amanda Linden
  • Jack Linden
  • Xelyn Xaris

Wow alot of inactive accounts.

  • You can search for people on Plurk here