Philip Linden, 1 year since the Next Chapter! announcement

Can you believe it it’s been 1 year since Philip Linden first posted his Next Chapter! announcement on the Second Life Blog back on October 15th 2009. A busy year for Philip Linden I think if we sum it all up, one year later.

Philip Linden did announce he was going to step down from his post on 14th March 2008, which sent shock waves around the grid soon after the announcement. On April 23rd Philip Linden announced the new CEO of Linden Lab, M Linden took over on 15th May 2008.

2 years later on June 24th 2010, Philip Linden returned and was named interim CEO of Linden Lab. M Linden stepped down without any announcement to the Second Life community. I don’t think we know how long the interim CEO period lasts but I think it’s going to be a long time until another CEO comes along. Philip Linden is very passionate, inspiring with great vision for Second Life.

On July 30th 2010, there was an inworld meeting hosted by Philip Linden and BK Linden at the Linden Estate Services region. The meeting was interesting and mentioned the roadmap for the future including recent events at Linden Lab. I think the phrase residents will not forgot about this meeting was when Philip said “Fast, Easy, Fun”.

In August 2010, Philip Linden came to SLCC 2010 to discuss the roadmap and future of Second Life. Including Mesh uploads to go into Public Beta before the end of 2010, TSL to be closed down before the end of the year, Display Names coming soon, new Snowstorm team and changes to the new resident program.

Since June 2010, Linden Lab have been restructuring during the course of 2010, involving loads of departing Lindens in the process. On 7th October 2010, Philip Linden made a comment on his Twitter account saying “@jfenderboa @IndigoMertel Oh yes I do! Plus, SL is growing, not failing“. Soon after Marx Dudek wrote a Open Letter to Philip Rosedale, a great post and hopefully Philip will respond back soon. Let’s hope Second Life will grow during 2011 because 2010 was not a good year for growth.

There have been many changes and now more new developments are on the way apparently for Q4 of 2010 announced by FJ Linden yesterday. Including Reduced Lag, Faster Texture Loading, New Chat Service Coming Soon, Group Limits Will be Raised to 40, Snowstorm Driving Viewer 2 Improvements , New Main Grid Deployment Process and Display Names and Mesh Public Betas Available Today. This is very exciting news and wonderful developments by Linden Lab. Hopefully there will be more confidence, excitement in upcoming weeks/months depending on how things will go during Q4 2010 and Q1 2011.

2011 is going to be a interesting year. I will post a full summary at the end of 2010 reflecting back on the year and my predictions for 2011.