LL Sending Out Promotional Email For Ozimals

Today Linden Lab have been sending out a promotional email to many SL residents telling them about a special collaboration with Ozimals. This email has been apparently sent out to all premium members of the Second Life community. I think Linden Lab is selecting names randomly to receive this email because not everyone is getting the email.

Ozimals is delighted to announce a special collaboration with Linden Lab! We’ve worked together to produce a promotional email that will be sent out to all Second Life Premium Memberswith an offer for an exclusive Ozimals Bunny “Luv Pack” as an introduction to the Wonderful World of Ozimals!

More details here. I do think this abit strange the day after mesh launched in open beta. Sounds like easter is only around the corner. lol

My SL Mesh Open Beta Adventures

Yesterday Linden Lab announced the launch of SL Mesh Import Open Beta, to try out on the Aditi test grid. I went ahead, downloaded the Project Mesh Viewer and logged into the Aditi test grid. Went through the simple walkthroughs on the Mesh Second Life Wiki page which was very exciting. I did see alot of white and colourful duck meshes yesterday afternoon along with other interesting mesh creations. You should check out the Mesh City and Mesh Sandbox regions on the Aditi test grid and have a go. Send your SL Mesh pictures to the Second Life 3D Mesh Flickr group and browse through everyone’s amazing creations so far.

Mesh is an upcoming feature that will allow creators to model objects using external tools and then import them into Second Life.

My mesh person on Mesh Sandbox region

My big yellow mesh duck on Mesh Sandbox region.

Here are some positive reactions from SL residents using SL Mesh Open Beta:

  • Some amazing looking stuff
  • Checking out some of the mesh tests on SL – impressive looking for those that will be able to master it
  • I am so excited
  • Confirming that using an alt makes everything much much easier.
  • Work perfect
  • This is all a new expereince for me and i have to say the possibilities are just awesome.
  • SL Mesh beta is neat

This was a new experience for me and for the Second Life community. Check out my SL Mesh Flickr set and uploads. I’m interested in the possibilities in SL Mesh and looking forward to more Mesh testing. I would guess that SL Mesh will roll out onto the Main Grid between December 2010 and February 2011 at the latest.

What are your throughts on SL Mesh Open Beta?