SL Mesh Open Beta Launches – Latest Live Developments

11am SLT: Jack Linden has officially published Mesh Import Open Beta Starts Today on the Second Life Blog.


Update 1 – (10:30am PDT)

There was a mesh viewer download link around 9am SLT on the official Second Life downloads page for a short time this morning. Not long after Linden Lab took down the link for whatever reason.  For some residents many were able to download the mesh viewer but could not teleport to the mesh enabled regions. There is word at the moment that it may be might hours yet until it launches officially. In the mean time there will be office hours on SL Mesh held here by Nyx Linden at 12pm SLT today.

Update 2 – (10:40am PDT)

[10:40] Oskar Linden: patience. 😀 someone posted the link too early. our apologies

Apologies by Linden Lab. Now we expect Mesh to be launched later on today.

Update 3 – (11:00am PDT)

[10:57] Nyx Linden: mesh sims are open