SL Mesh Open Beta Tomorrow

Tomorrow Linden Lab will kick off SL Mesh Open Beta for SL residents to try out and there’s great excitement at the moment all over the Second Life community about the launch.  If you don’t know already there is a Mesh SL wiki page on how to get started along with other interesting documentation.

Over 60 residents attended the live Designing Worlds meeting yesterday on Mesh in Second Life with Jack Linden and Dusan Writer. UPDATE: Watch this episode on the Treet TV website. There is now a audio version of the mesh meeting on Treet.TV here. The show started abit late than expected at Northpoint studios in Second Life but overall the discussion was really interesting to hear the latest SL Mesh updates.

SL Mesh Introduction for Wednesday 13th October 2010 via Mesh SL wiki page.

  1. Wait until October 13, 2010! Before that date, the mesh-enabled regions will not be accessible.
  2. Download the Mesh First Look viewer at <LINK>.
  3. Log on using the Mesh First Look viewer. By default, the Mesh First Look viewer will connect you to the aditi developer grid; as the region, specify any of the active mesh regions, for example, Mesh City. If you have any problems logging in, see these instructions on getting your account set up on aditi.

More coverage on this during the week, here on my blog. 🙂