1 Week Left Until Burn2 Festival 2010

The excitement is building up within the Second Life community at the moment because there is 1 week left and counting until Burn2 festival 2010 (Burning Life) opens in Second Life. Burn2 starts on Saturday 16th October 2010 and will last through to Sunday 24th October 2010. Add this event to your calendars and come along to enjoy the fun this year. There are six regions this year with a new feel to the event and layout to explore.

Burn2 Blogger/Press day on 13th October 2010

On Oct 13, the Burn2 sims will open up to bloggers and the press for unrestricted touring and photography. To access the sims on Oct 13, you must ask for a press / blogger pass. If you’re a blogger or member of the press, send an email to communications@burn2.org with your avatar name and a URL to your blog or publication.

We are happy to facilitate interviews, either in voice or text, of Burn2 organizers, volunteers and builders. Depending on who you want to talk to, it can happen fast, or it might take a day or two to set up. Feel free to contact EmCee or Raven on that.
We link back on online TV, magazine and blog posts at http://www.burn2.org/newslinks. Just drop us an email with the link so we know it’s there and can include it.

We have set up a Flickr group – found at http://www.flickr.com/groups/burn2/, which you’re welcome to join and submit Burn2 relevant photographs from the day or throughout the event.

For more information, visit www.burn2.org.


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