Update on Future of TSL from Terrence Linden

Terrence Linden came to talk inworld today at Plush Non Profit commons region about the upcoming Teen Grid Transition. Over 100 avatars attended the meeting, organized by Techsoup. It can’t be easy one Linden against 100+ avatars in the same location but Terrence Linden delivered really well this morning. Expect an official transcript posted on the Nonprofit Commons website very soon. Alot of new useful information was exchanged between residents and Terrence Linden.

Terrence Linden 3rd right with the monkey on his back, on the green chairs in the front.

Important New Updates from Terrence Linden.

  • Expect a blog post in about 2 weeks on the Official Second Life blog about the layout dates for the TSL Transition
  • All of the sims that are on TG now (including teen mainland) will become part of the Main Grid still in their current locations and teens that have land will be still there during the transition
  • 13-15 year olds will come to MG via special registration APIs for the organization. 16-17 year olds will be able to join through the SL public process then to be added to the region by that group
  • Teens will be able to visit “G” rated sims
  • Between 5-10K registrations a month on TG for new Teen residents
  • Combat sims are being looked into
  • New terms of service for users to agree for those that are involved when the time comes
  • Many teen residents have been sending Terrence letters of protest and youtube vidoes of why they love TSL
  • LL are exploring the idea of field trips where groups may set up trips for a limited amount of time for teens to visit sims on the main grid. Or maybe friend another Teen region and have an exchange. I.e teens visit the NASA sims etc.

Terrence Linden finishes up by saying:

  • I think the best that we can all do is make suggestions both regarding safety and experience for these individuals and be patient with us, that is A LOT to ask I know.
  • However, we are trying to move everyone on the Grid forward
  • I look forward to seeing/talking to everyone again down the road!

I now have a copy of the full transcript if anyone would like a copy inworld. What are your reactions on the teen grid transition and if you went to the meeting what were your throughts of it all?

I would love to hear from you in comments and I will post futher blog posts on this when I have more to report on. 🙂