Review Of Rockcliffe University Consortium Meeting About LL Pricing Policy 2011

Rockcliffe University Consortium hosted a public forum meeting yesterday from 12pm SLT on the impacts of Linden Lab new pricing policy in Second Life, due to come into effect after 2010. Over 100 attendees attended the public forum meeting along with many educational leaders in SL talking about their reactions to the recent news. There will be alot of shocked and frustrated folks out there now on what to do next.

During the event I was posting tweets on Twitter from the public forum meeting and that can be found on my Twitter/Flickr stream. Gentle was transcribing during the meeting which was great. The presentation was done through voice and then for the Q&A session it was done mostly in local chat. Phelan Corrima hosted the meeting that went really well I throught and there will be more forum meetings in the future.

Many SL communities and educational orgs will be impacted by this new pricing policy news by Linden Lab including:

  • Educators (schools and university’s)
  • Museums (The Tech Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright Museum)
  • Government agencies (NASA and NOAA)
  • Libraries
  • Relay for Life
  • Virtual Ability
  • Rockchiffe
  • Advocacy organizations (National Space Society)
  • And many more!

Upcoming: Terrence Linden will be talking about the Teen Grid Transition at Nonprofit Commons region on Friday 8th October 2010 at 8:30AM SL. The next steps is to “work together and develop creative solutions to the issues” and see what happens next.

Watch MBC News: Universities and Non Profits: Dousa hosts a panel discussing the ramifications with Malburns Writer, John Pathfinder Lester, Kimo Junot and Ricky Harford.

MBC News: Universities and Non Profits