Big Send Off Party For Spike Linden

During late September 2010 many heard that Spike Linden, Tofu Linden, Aimee Linden, Minerva Linden and Scarlet Linden were going to depart Linden Lab. There was a Farewell Party at Isle of Horizons region for the the departing Lindens on 30th September 2010 between 2am-6am SLT.  This was because the UK office closing down among other things as well I would imagine . I wish them all the best for the future and we will never forget you guys.

I managed to teleport to the party yesterday without no problems and the venue was really good I throught. There must of been over 50 SL residents in the region for a few hours or so. There was great live music being broadcasted by the DJ in-world and the best part was when we did the conga dancing cause it was awesome. It was great to hang out with Spike Linden with friends for hours dancing away to the party music.

Check out my photos of the Spike Linden Farewell Party Here.


3 thoughts on “Big Send Off Party For Spike Linden

  1. Wizard Gynoid

    i understand that some people held spike linden in high regard. i, however, am not one of those after being treated so callously on a support ticket. i was right, LL was wrong and they owed me money and they never took the trouble or time to figure out what was wrong, fix it, and then figure out how much money they owed me and returned it. that’s elementary business/accounting 101. and spike linden failed when he patronizingly told me that it was my fault. that’s just plain bad business and bad customer support. sorry.


  2. Daniel Voyager

    @Wizard: I met Spike on TSL during late 2006 and added him to my contact list to keep in touch. Since then it’s been like that and I have seen him inworld many times which is great. I just wanted to wish him well along with the others really.

    The party was good fun and really enjoyed it. A bit upsetting at times but everyone has to move on sometime.

    Thanks for the comment!


  3. sammy

    Oh man, i remember when i first met this guy. It was on 9/25/2010 at 10pm or so. I was being randomly attacked by this weird guy in second life and he was trying to trap me and spike showed up and somehow stopped him, it’s like he froze him or something, but i didn’t know who he was, i assumed he was a friend of the guy who was attacking me, so what did i do? I pulled out the net gun and sent him into orbit, and when he came back down i used my x chip to trap and annoy him. And what did i do after that? I reported him, i reported a linden… I feel like a real bastard now because he was just trying to help.



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