Phoenix Viewer, Emergence Viewer & Ascent Added To TPV List

Today Linden Lab added Phoenix Viewer, Emergence Viewer & Ascent to The Third-Party Viewer Directory list. There are now 13 entries on the list as of 7th September 2010. This is really good news. 🙂

Update: Emerald Viewer to be Blocked From Second Life.

As of 10am PT Wednesday, September 8, the Emerald Viewer will be blocked from logging in to Second Life as a result of violations of our Policy on Third Party Viewers.

All versions of the Emerald Viewer will be blocked from logging in to Second Life as of tomorrow at 10am. Please be aware that attempting to circumvent our blocking to access Second Life with a banned Viewer is a violation of the Policy on Third-Party Viewers and may result in the loss of one’s account.

RIP Emerald Viewer!


9 thoughts on “Phoenix Viewer, Emergence Viewer & Ascent Added To TPV List

  1. markcotrupe

    Linden Lab has sunk to a new low. Let’s all find alternative viewers! I will never use the LL viewers now. They were apparently just jealous that most people preferred the Emerald viewer to their crappy one. This is not a solution. They should have just adopted Emerald as the main viewer. No insult to other viewers intended. I also use Rainbow and Imprudence as well as Hippo.


  2. Elbag Gable

    Well I have tried Phoenix and it has bad fuzziness in middle and long distance. I have a top of the range graphics card with 1 Gb memory of its own and running under W7 Dell Studio XPS desktop
    So I shall try Emergence and see if the graphics rendering is any better


  3. Tegan

    Well, I tried the Ascent viewer and my computer locked up. I managed to get it to work but definitely something attached to my hard drive – some nasty bug because suddenly I could no longer connect with it and none of my programmes would open. I deleted it and everything attached and guess what – here I am. So I do NOT recommend anyone try Ascent – not unless you want to take a risk. I am am now looking for a better viewer. Forget the SL viewers – they are no good. I miss Emerald already. 😦


  4. Rizla

    God. For everyone whingeing about how great Emerald was and how bad LL is, get a damn clue. Junk food tastes nice but it will kill you. Same with emerald, lots of nice features for you to enjoy while we remotely turn your viewer into part of a bot net.

    Stop crying already. Wait till you get DDOSed off the net. You already complaint about lag. Half the damn lag with emerald was caused by emerald people playing cloak and dagger on your PC.

    You know what? It is all you clueless morons with no interest in what happens under the hood that contributes to the excessive lag and hassle on SL.

    Get educated and argue about why Emerald should still be accepted despite the proven track record of its developers in a coherent fashion and from a point of knowledge, instead of crying “I miss my EASY BUTTON”.

    Geez, Markotrupe. Your photo says you are not a teen anymore, i think its by time you let go of that phase.


  5. Daniel Voyager

    @markcotrupe: Loads of residents are and have already turning to alternative viewers to access Second Life.

    @Elbag Gable: Been using Phoenix for a while now and has not had any issues with the viewer. It’s going to be interesting what Phoenix comes up with in the coming months and years. :p

    @teemark: 🙂

    @Tegan: AHH. Thanks for telling us about your experience. 😦

    @Adric Antfarm: Phoenix on Windows 7 for me works just fine. 😀

    @Rizla: Hmm…


  6. Grace

    For your info, I have been in SL over 4 yrs now. I remember when 5k people online at a time was amazing.
    The lag has NOT a damn thing to do with all the other viewers at all. The lag is SL and it don’t matter what freaking Veiwer you use… there will be lag.
    There are a lot of things that contribute to lag. A lot of the lag is contributed to your own PC’s. Trust me I know as the fact on my desktop lag is very rare but my laptop is an almost constant. Also, there is the memory, the graph card, internet connection all the way down to SL’s/Open Veiwers connection to the net. If you live in, lets say, Kentucky and a bad storm comes through between where you live and the main SL office where the main internet connection is….. guess what? You are going to lag regardless of how damn good your internet connection is.
    All in all, get your facts straight before spouting off its all the other veiwers accessing SL cause you are dead freaking wrong.
    I personally used the Emerald Veiwer myself and am now on Emergence. There really isn’t much of a difference at all. As for SL Veiwer 2, I don’t like it at all. Instead of trying to make SL so “New & Improved” they need to focus on fixing everything that is broken right now. That in itself is a lot of the reason people turned to other Veiwers cause of all the constant changes.



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