Update On The End of TSL

It’s now official that the Teen Grid will be switched off on 31st December 2010 and that the minimum age for the Main Grid will be lowered to 16 years old. 16yrs and 17yrs inventory’s will be transferred to the Main Grid and LL are working on groups/friends/land. However for 13-15 year olds the accounts will be preserved until they reach 16 when they can join the Main Grid.

Official announcement:

There will be upcoming inworld meetings set up by LL discussing questions and suggestions for TSL. Details still to be confirmed..


2 thoughts on “Update On The End of TSL

  1. Daniel Voyager

    @abdullenroy: As one door closes another opens with many opportunity’s.

    I know and it’s a shame it has to end this way. 😦



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