Recap of Philip Linden Keynotes Address at SLCC 2010

UPDATED: On day 1 of SLCC 2010 Philip Linden gave his live keynote address just after 7:30am SLT  and also through ustream. There were 4 regions inworld to watch and discuss things during the presentation. Viewer 2 was required to watch the presentation at the central stage at the heart of the SLCC regions. The main factors of the keynotes address was that mesh will be in beta before the end of the year, teen grid to be shut down, naming systems to be introduced and that Viewer 2 will automatically update itself. There’s alot to look forward to during 2010 I think and I’m sure you will agree too. It was a longer keynotes speech this year with no major technical problems through the duration of the speech.

Keynotes address recap:

  • Philip talks about his journey to SLCC
  • Talks about LL and how the company is profitable
  • Recaps over Fast, Easy & Fun again
  • Philip Linden promises specific roadmap with target deliveries for the upcoming quarter
  • Philip talks about his terrifying droid
  • There will be faster release cycles of the viewer
  • New user experience will change very soon (directing new users quickly to hotspots around SL)
  • Philip wants by the end of the year to fix group chat and region crossings
  • Philip says that LL has divided the company into 15 scrum teams
  • We’re going to speed up the startup process by a factor of 2
  • We’ve dropped the crash rate of Viewer 2 by 50%
  • We can and will fix the crash rate
  • We are going to ship mesh in Beta before the end of the year
  • We’ll be opening up names for more elaborate naming systems
  • Viewer 2 to update itself in the background
  • 16yrs and 17yrs to be on the main grid (closing down the teen grid)
  • We’re going to turn off the younger part of the grid
  • Philip wants to revamp his avatar to Philip 2.0 by the end of the year
  • Philip talks about 5 or so people working on search
  • Search is a high bar area

What did you think of keynote address by Philip Linden this year at SLCC 2010? Would love to hear from you!

63 thoughts on “Recap of Philip Linden Keynotes Address at SLCC 2010

  1. I’m an actual teen grid used, and I find this rather aggravating. The thing is, i’m 15. So what happens to me and all the content I’ve created once they turn off the Teen Grid?


    1. I work for a youth cancer charity and we have just started a new project which would be using the Teen Grid.
      The idea of a secure virtual island for 13 – 17 year old cancer patients, to explore and chat other others going through a similar thing to them was something a lot of people where looking forward to, as young people with cancer can often feel isolated.
      Oh well, guess we will have to re think this, thanks Linden Labs.


  2. To what extent did he talk about the teen grid closing? Is it closing completely or just the 16-17 year olds are moving and that’s it? I’m currently building an 8 sim project on the TG for a RL educator who is going to be using the teen grid as another extension of the kids learning at school. We’ve received zero notice about this change and we’ve been working on the sims for 3 months now. Are we screwed???


    1. He hasn’t said a thing about what’s going to happen to everybody else that isn’t getting sent to the MG. And I know a lot of people who own a lot of land, and i’m -fairly sure- we’re going to lost it all. So unless somebody shows up and tells us otherwise, yes, we’re screwed.


  3. No it doesn’t, not even sure what RAMAPO is. 😀

    I talked to my client who hired me to build the sims and she is under the impression this affects just the main teen grid and not private estates. I hope she’s right.


  4. This is really too bad. Look for the entire adult grid to start banning users based on age verification. Teens may come here BUT they won’t be able to do a damned thing once they get here.

    It’s not mean behavior on the part of adult SL citizens. It’s merely self protection. I want to KNOW the person with whom I am speaking is an actual adult and know I’d not get into trouble for expressing myself in an adult way. (no, not sex, but in language or concepts).

    So, thanks for nothing, Phil… you dumbass.


    1. (Quote) This is really too bad. Look for the entire adult grid to start banning users based on age verification. Teens may come here BUT they won’t be able to do a damned thing once they get here.

      It’s not mean behavior on the part of adult SL citizens. It’s merely self protection. I want to KNOW the person with whom I am speaking is an actual adult and know I’d not get into trouble for expressing myself in an adult way. (no, not sex, but in language or concepts).

      So, thanks for nothing, Phil… you dumbass. (/QUOTE)

      I concur on all points but one; our exalted Linden Overlord is a great many things, but ‘dumbass’ isn’t really applicable. Disrespecting his intellect while defending your own sense of outrage at the way the fruits of his genius are being trodden beneath the feet of tyranny does little more than marginalize what would otherwise be a brilliantly concise prognostication.

      The passion with which you protest is admirable and should be taken into consideration, but you have to understand that his focus is elsewhere at the moment; it’s sufficient for him that his world is inhabited, the society and citizenry themselves do not seem to hold particular interest.

      The effect on and of new avatars dropping into events should be interesting to say the very least.

      The maturity rating system, the ability of the landowner to control access, and individual optional age verification puts the onus on the client when considering age related issues of international law, it’s an imperfect system but it’s an imperfect world in an imperfect world.

      The fact that the kids are coming is moot, they’ve been here in numbers for a long time now. Some are with their parents, most are not; age verification and establishing verifiable links between the human and the avatar are a high priority, low visibility, global battle, with far reaching implications; it’s a vicious world we live in and while waging war on kink may be the perceived motivation, it’s NOT the reason they want to know who you are.

      Physical world governments license the internet and every national government that licenses Internet Service Providers has the power to shut this world off within their borders. Linden Labs is obviously under pressure to establish and maintain compliance with minimum legal requirements for licensure and identifying parties to international financial transactions is all part of the fun.

      ‘Dumbass’ knows that you and others like you (myself, for one) aren’t going anywhere; we’ve invested more than money in his ‘dumbass’ dream, so I guess we’re dumbasses.

      Now, face it, some people don’t want the kids around because that would sorta force them to act like the adults they claimed to be in acquiescence to the ever evolving increasingly draconian TOS.


  5. The Teen Grid Issue,,
    I thhought It was common Knowledge,,the Closing of Teen S/L.
    I Guess not,,
    We now have G M A sim ratings,,General or pg,,Mature and Adult.
    Teen Grid Members will have an expanded S/L experience now and Only have access to “G” sims. That makes perfect sence.
    Most teens behave as well as many Adults and I believe In this.
    “G” rated sims will work fine as long as the Adults behave themselves,,,I will be watching.
    I Also believe the vast creativity and new Idea’s Teens will bring to the Second Life grid will enrich our lives.
    I say Bring em on !! I will be happy to Mentor any teen that seeks my help with any
    problems or Issues that they may face In dealing with Adults.
    Linden Labs has givin Us all the tools we need to make shure all People young and Old can have a,,,Second Life.
    If an Adult greifs a Teen the Resi team will be ready to deal with it.
    Usil Bailey
    Mentor…Grid Wide XD


  6. Update from Terrence Linden.

    Hi all,

    Philip just finished his keynote address at SLCC 2010, and during his talk
    he discussed our future plans for Teen Second Life. Some time over the
    coming months, we will be closing Teen Second Life as a standalone product,
    while at the same time lowering the minimum age for the Main Grid to 16+
    while we work on creating adequate solutions to serve the younger
    demographic as well.

    There is a tremendous amount of great work currently on the Teen Grid.
    Incorporating this energy and innovation into the Main Grid in a safe,
    secure way is very important to us, and we want to ensure that it is done

    There will be plenty of questions that come up regarding our decision, and I
    want to establish a clear communication channel, and to ensure that the
    educational community has someone to speak with. I will try to answer the
    questions that I can in a timely fashion, and will have much ongoing
    dialogue with the community around this topic. I will also be setting up
    time inworld to discuss this with Teen Grid users, and will be in touch with
    details around that.

    I am Terrence Linden inworld, and my email address is terrence at
    Please do not hesitate to reach out! I’m hear to listen and to help! I
    look forward to speaking with you and, for some of you, meeting you for the
    first time!



  7. Personally I am not glad with the closing teen-grid and having SL opened up for 16 – 17 year olds cos that means that besides the very childish grown ups we have in there already we gonna have a bunch more added just because of that.

    And what’s next??? Having 13, 14, and 15 year olds joining our grid too!? Please NOOOOOOOOO!!!


    1. Thanks for lumping all teens into the annoying whiny category.

      I’m a transfer. Not all teens are whiny drama kids. There are a fair lot of decent people on that grid.

      That aside, the TG only has about 1000 users that log in every 30 days. There are 60k+ concurrent users on MG during busy times. It’s not as if 20k teens are flooding in to cause trouble.


      1. I didn’t mean to say they all are, but the annoying category will definitely grow. That’s why I also commented not all grown ups are as grown up. Didn’t mean to be a b*tch, sorry if it came out like that. But you have to agree there will be even more childish people on there. For some of us, that are in sl to have fun, get away from rl bs these childish people are a big pain in the *ss, no matter what their rl age is. Everybody has a different view on having fun, which is cool as long as we don’t bother each other with it. Don’t know how to put it in words, guess I’m hoping some will understand…


    2. I understand where you’re coming from, lol. Yeah, there will be a fair lot more of new annoying people, but that’s to be expected with any large influx of new users. *shrug*
      As for the childish people thing, I don’t know if it’s just my antisocial nature or what, but I haven’t run across very many extremely childish adults yet, though I’ve heard some horror stories. I empathize, I really do. The Mute button is quite useful for these people, though.
      Again, I do see where you’re coming from, and yes, there will be an influx of new, annoying kids, but that’s to be expected, as i said, with any large influx of new users. I hope that made sense.


  8. But what’s going to happen with the teens that are left? Are their accounts put on hold untill they turn 16? And when will we know that the Teen Grid is going to close? And how do we transfer ourselves in case we’re already 16/17?


  9. In my country the age of consent for sex is 16 and for same sex encounters and alcohol consumption 18, so this age change is no problem for us. In fact it reflects real life more accurately for people here. Younger than 16 would be less acceptable of course even with the Adult sims needing age verification.


  10. I am here in person at the Second Life Community Convention in Boston. I heard Philip Linden indicate that the Teen Grid will be shut down and teens sixteen and older will be allowed in the Main Grid with the content rating system filtering their access. It seems like it’s a business driven decision that he deems a tough call. However, we also heard a cogent argument from one of the participants pleading the reconsideration of this decision given the educational opportunities that the Teen Grid offers to that segment of SL users. I sincerely hope that Philip Linden reconsiders this decision and seeks a compromise where teens younger than 16 years will be afforded the opportunity to be educated in the Second Life virtual environment. SL is a totally immersive experience with enormous potential and capacity to positively impact our youth. It will be a shame that in this day and age where our Nation is facing tremendous challenges to properly educate our teens–that Linden Lab will turn their backs on an opportunity to be part of the great endeavor of ensuring that the United States maintains world-class education preeminence.


    1. Unfortunately, the United States world-class preeminence’ in education is pure propaganda. While there was once some basis for the belief, the sad fact is people who know how to think are generally disinclined to allow their ‘leaders’ to think for them. Thanks to the deliberate dilution of educational standards in US (Well documented by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the US Department of Education ) We now elect professional wrestlers and movie stars to positions best held by academics and lawyers.

      SL, as an international platform, is actually more likely to provide our kids with an education that will fit them for positions of leadership in a rapidly developing world.


  11. anybody currently doing a build on TG you may want to begin using Emerald (or another TPV with export abilities) and save your stuff on your own system

    (then when TG closes you can just Import everything and setup on the Main Grid)


  12. Latest update by Terrence Linden is that LL will not be deleting TG user accounts (avatars) or inventory. No dates have been set in stone yet. (TBC)

    For TG users I recommend you send feedback to LL as soon as possible. Make your voices heard before its too late.

    I will post more when I hear about it in comments (here) or via plurk/twitter (links above).


    1. Even if they don’t completely delete the accounts, backing up and using OpenSim would be a good idea anyway. I mean, if they’re disabled, they can’t work on builds, you know?


  13. i feel for you Wally =( making content means you put a lot of heart and soul (and time) into a great creative tool

    get a viewer that allows you to export all your creations. even if all the textures are not yours, you’ll be able to at least get you objects out of Second Life

    after that? well, probably time for you to explore options like OpenSim and the OSGrid

    i don’t know of any grids off the top of my head that are geared to teens, but there must be some out there (i am in Reaction Grid and it has no age limits)

    people on the OSGrid forum should be able to steer you to some options

    or you can even install it on your own box! good luck and i am sorry to hear this news =(


  14. hey Esch Snoats, try opensim, while you can’t export your SL OAR files, you can download your terrain files and export all your builds. it sucks but it’s better than losing it all

    serious educators have been turning to OpenSim more and more. it has become more stable (still alpha but i have better frame rates), has no age limits, is way cheaper

    your SL skills are 100% transferable. i was able to grab all my builds from my former SL estate (19 sims) and set them up on 16 OpenSim sims

    i hated moving, but LL policies were just becoming to unbearable

    good luck


  15. NOT a good idea at all… Closing the Teen Grid is not a good idea at all. Nor is allowing anyone under the age of 18 on the main grid. I’ve had to deal with over 3000 illegal teens as it is. Allowing them legal ground on the main grid will make it difficult to report them just for being underage. Even though I do run a G-rated sim, I really do NOT want teens to be allowed to infiltrate it and cause undue stress upon the adults who may make a mistake in what they type, wear or act.

    It’s an open sim and if they do come over, I will have to close it or place it in an mature/adult category just to keep them out.

    Currently on our sims we are allowed to set up certain permissions on who can enter. Setting it to allow only ‘age verified’ is not viable as not everyone has age verified their accounts. If these under 18 are allowed then I think their accounts need to be flagged as under 18 and a new permission option placed on all our sims, even if said sim is rated G. We should have an option to disallow anyone under 18.

    I am definitely not happy with the Teen grid closing, especially with what will happen to those under the age of 16. My daughter just turned 14 and what will happen to her account on the teen grid if this indeed does go through? I don’t want her on the main grid.


    1. Unless you deny access via age verification, you’re not going to keep illegal teens out, and even so, doing that would block out many legit adults who simply do not wish to verify their age, as you have mentioned.

      I agree with the option for sims of pretty much any category to opt out of allowing under-18’s to enter, and hopefully LL will see this as a viable option.

      I understand your concerns, I really do. Just, even on the Teen Grid, it’s not like anything is monitored. While I was there, there was plenty of content that could have been rated Mature and over, as well as language. Teens aren’t virgins to that kind of thing, lol, so I don’t think they’d go nuts over seeing an adult with something mature on.

      Just had to put in my two cents. I do agree with you on the points I mentioned, though.


      1. I do realize about the illegal teens but I have the option of filing a report abuse on them just for being underage which actually gets handled faster than most of the other abuse reports. Once this takes effect, I’ll have to find other means to keep them off without filing reports, unless they violate some other TOS rule.

        Currently I have set out a visitor counter, which tells me the name of each avatar who frequent my sim. Hopefully, I can get at least some idea as to who would be “regulars” and who are just one timers and eventually set my permissions based on that data. It still is gonna require lot more work.

        ** The problem with disabling an account say for my 14yr old daughter, is that she actually uses the account for school as part of her class project. **

        I think they should just stop new accounts from being created for the Teen Grid and keep the teen grid open until the last 13yr has reached the age of being transfered over, this will ensure that those who are already on the grid under 16 don’t lose 2 – 3 years on their accounts.


    2. That actually sounds like a neat idea, but that’d take about five years and keeping the grid open for just about one person is probably not in their best interest. Wish it could happen, though.
      Creating a TG account is pretty annoying either way; you have to have either a compatible phone or an active Paypal account with your real age on it. Such a weird and extremely ineffective system.

      I’m sure LL is going to make provisions for educational uses for teens. That’d be a legitimate use for 13-15 year olds, and the sims they use can be access list only. Same with them visiting other sims; I’m sure that’s possible.

      I’m a bit confused about your visitor list idea, though. Frequent visitors and infrequent visitors… What would that tell you of their age? Underage users can be very mature and hard to detect by just how much they frequent a sim. Explain a bit more?


      1. The accounts being transfered over need to be adequately identified as under 18. Just like a driver’s license will identify who is under 21. So we can keep them out of our sims even if those sims are G-rated.

        It’s not that hard to determine who is here legally and who isn’t if you know what to look for. Since I do have a 14yr old who in fact is able to pass for an adult even in person because of how she handles herself, it won’t be that hard. She’s helped me on several occasions in SL to rat out those types of illegal teens. So I see no issues there.

        But I’m still going to disallow anyone on my sim who is not actually over 18; once I have the names of my heavier traffic, the sim closes and my permissions get put into effect.


    3. Agreed, and I do think LL is going to somehow flag under-18 accounts.

      Hope things go in a way that allows you to keep your island open to the general public rather than to an access list or age-verified only.


  16. This was quite the shocking event to say the least. There had been rumors, but to hear that educator speak out against the decision was something else. You could tell Philip was a little nervous about that.


  17. I wonder how many folks on the Teen Grid are now madly backing up all their objects and moving them to a private grid or ReactionGrid (or a private grid run by ReactionGrid).

    — Maria


  18. /me sighs “They told us and told us that they were *not* going to move teens to SL. Over and over and over again this question was asked. I’m feeling duped. As soon as 16 and 17 year olds come, their 13-, 14-, and 15-year-old little brothers/sisters/boyfriends/girlfriends/friends will come, too. The 16- and 17-year-olds will show them how to get around the safeguards. Then, inevitably, there will be a lawsuit. Bad move, SL.”


    1. There already are illegal teens on Main Grid in case you didn’t know, lol. It’s not going to change much. Like I said before, TG only has about 200-300 maximum concurrent users on a summer day, far less during the school year.
      It’s *far* easier to make a MG account than it is a TG account, by the way.


  19. I hear some lawyers laughing of happiness and counting the money they’ll do thank to that decision to allow teens on the main grid.


    1. “I hear some lawyers laughing of happiness and counting the money they’ll do thank to that decision to allow teens on the main grid.”

      while i do suspect the smoking habits of Linden Labs i am certain that all this has been checked by The Legal Team since this whole thread of closing the TG has been going on since they created the Adults Only region type. LL may be accused of being stupid but they are most definately not that stupid.


  20. I don’t really think 16 and 17 year olds should go on the main grid. They are a bit too young and they still are going to school. You don’t want these children going to get addicted to pornography would we? And i am a 13 year old disagreeing with the decision. Me i think is really unfair i would rather have BOTH grids shut down since that way no one would go online. And won’t teen try to go on the adult grid? If this is the problem and when they sign up they ask for age verify wouldn’t they just go and find their parents birth certificate? Just not really fair to they thousands of teenage children 13 through 15. I mean can’t we wait until 2012 for the world to end….


    1. Main Grid isn’t all porn.
      There’s far more porn easily available elsewhere on the internet, if teens wanted to access that.
      And, how about college students on Main Grid? They’re still going to school, aren’t they?


  21. Guys, if you’re 15 like me or younger, don’t freak out. They’ll just disable your account until you turn 16. Then they restart it and ship you off to MG, ain’t it lovely?


  22. Good discussion folks. Keep the comments coming, when I hear more I will post updates on my blog or here in this comments section. We will just have to wait and see what LL updates us with next about TG.


  23. Well this has been amusing. It’s nice thought here gonna try and help stop people trying to go over to the MG early. There’s gonna be some that cause issues yes, but that’s with anything. There’s “adults” that are no better then internet trolls. Adults already do what they can to get rid of illegal teenagers. Not all teenagers are bad. In a sense, it’s like trying to find a copybotter. Your best bet’s just to hope to god Linden Labs actualy has you need a identification method to join now, to help reduce the number of alts from a person, and ban anyone that causes issues. There’s no need to segregate based on age. Judge a person on how they act, not there age.
    Personaly though, I thought they made the Adult only area is because they were going to let Teens in Mature and PG rated Areas. Many aren’t idiots to “mature” things and cussing and such. The adult line is the only one I’d draw. From typical parents nowdays, to people not wanting whatever kinda trolls. It’s the internet, there’s always trolls. From a 10 year old, to a 45 year old. You just gotta do your best to weed out the idiots, and give the ones that aren’t idiots, a chance.
    (Apologize for being all over the place.)


  24. You adults are so overacting. Teens can act mature too. And besides. You can’t find out how old someone is. Teens will just steal their parents ID. Linden Lab can’t be like I WANT YOU TO SHOW YOURSELF ON THE WEBCAM! Because they need proof of you being it. That’s just silly. And besides, There already are a million teens over there. Making an Alt on the maingrid isn’t that hard at all. So banning them from your land, both means they will make more alts > Less names possible for people who want to create a new account & More laggy (More crowded) and you will lose alot of money. Teens can get money on the MG even easier than on the teen grid. So they will spend it easier. Because here on the teen grid we only have copybotters and a few good stores. Shit, You adults are way better. Will mean, we will spend more money because we can’t believe our eyes if we go out there. Either that or they’ll make their alts go on your land and buy it on their alts.. Also, We have porn and sex on the teen grid too. Most detailed skins aswell. Dicks, Vaginas, all sculpted aswell. Really. We have it here too. So. Suck it up with the “NO I DONT WANT TEENS” In a few years we’re 18 and then :”considered adult” the only difference between then and now ? I can’t see it. I will still be as unmature as I am now. Haha.


    1. Ohand, It’s going to happen. Whether you like it or not. And teens will get up there, with real or fake ID’s. Nothing you can to prevent that.


      1. Ah, but, see there *was* something we could do about it. We could AR them. We could ban them. THEY were the ones breaking the “law” of SL (a.k.a. TOS). The adults had some legal protection against lawsuits (as did LL) because the “reasonable expectation” in SL was that we were all adults. So, if an adult avatar was propositioned by a teen avatar (far far *far* more likely a scenario than the other way around), without the adult avatar knowing it was an underage user, the adult was at least afforded some level of legal protection. The assumption, since it was part of the TOS is that *every* user of SL would be over 18 and, therefore, the onus was not on the adult to verify the age of the person soliciting them.

        Again, I see *enormous* potential for lawsuit. All it takes is one poor, duped guy over 18 to be raked through the mud by a sexting, porn-sharing underage teen and it’s allllllllll over. The courts will find for the teen, the guy will be labeled a sex offender, and the resulting salacious press will bring in even more teens looking for cheap thrills.

        As for the “it’s not the age, it’s the maturity” issue…..trying telling that to the judge. See how far that gets you as they’re booking you for child molestation.


      1. Caveat emptor et caveat venditor (‘let both buyer and seller beware’)

        The reasonable expectation in all such situations no matter what world you live in is that you have to cover your own ass and don’t rely on some internet e-lawyer to guide your decisions.


    2. Funnily enough, in a world where you can be who or whatever you want, the kids play at grownup while the grownups play at being kids. Neither wants to lose that, nor should they; all that’s required is a tiny paradigm shift where we all accept and embrace full responsibility for our conduct.


  25. I have just set up a new poll: Are you for or against the Teen Grid merging with the Main Grid? – Vote Here: < In other words do you want this to happen or no.

    As many know already the SL Forums are merged with teens and adults. I transferred to the main grid in December 2008 and since then I've been hearing of reports of teens creating accounts on the MG. I'm sure most adults sent ARs about them and LL sent them back to the TG. Lowering the minimum age to 16yrs I am not sure on and how the system will work. Current 13yrs to 15yrs accounts need to go somewhere?.

    I think the person to ask is Terrence Linden in-world. If you hear any latest developments feel free to comment below. Thanks all!


  26. The difference between children already being on the main grid illegally, and being allowed, is that we adults can assume that we’re dealing with other (usually mature) adults, and that what we say or do won’t cause legal issues.

    On the main grid, while it’s already against the rules, we’re used to being able to have adult content in our profiles, on our profile pictures, etc. If children are on the grid, they’ll have a chance to see this. While I know that you children are already looking at porn, illegally, -I- don’t want to be part of the porn you’re looking at, and I don’t want to be censored for your safety.

    They need to give us an option to mark sims 18+ (not allowing people who claim to be under 18), but without requiring age verification. This way we can have a PG or Mature environment without allowing children, and the ones that lie about their age are doing just that–lying about their age, and thus responsible for their own actions. It’s all about legality and technicalities. We also NEED to be able to flag our profiles as Mature or Adult and prevent us from being searched by teens, or present a PG version or blank profile. Teens also need to be flagged in their profiles, possibly warning adults when they IM them, so we don’t have to screen every single IM. Again, yes, they can lie, but once they do, it’s THEIR problem, not mine.


    1. Exactly, plus it will also make sure that adults are safe from inadvertantly getting caught in a compromising position of being proposition for sex by an actual minor. Lives can and will be destroyed when an innocent victim had no way to determine that person was actually of legal age.

      Those who lied about their real age to get into the adult grid, well I’m sure that in a court of law this lie will be exposed, or at least I hope it would. Once the teens are allowed, this will cause much confusion and the law will now be on the side of the teen whether illegal or legal.

      It has happened already, but at least the judge ruled on the side of the adult since it was illegal for anyone under 18 to have access to the grid in the first place, and that adult had enough evidence to prove they had no idea the person in question was a minor based on the TOS of the adult grid.


  27. 16th August Update:

    Expect a summary & FAQ blog post this week or next week on the Official Second Life blog by LL. This post will give a outline on LL current strategy on the future of TSL.

    Stay tuned for updates.


  28. Via New World Notes:

    UPDATE, 2:25pm: Via email Linden Lab community rep Terence Linden followed up on Philip’s comments on the closing of the Teen Grid : “[W]e tried to speak with as many organizations as we could prior to the announcement at SLCC, and we are continuing those discussions now as well, both 1:1 and in groups. As we move forward with this process, we will be in close conversation with those impacted. There are a number of great projects and organizations on the Teen Grid, and we are working to understand what would be necessary, especially from a safety and security standpoint, to continue serving as many as we can on the Main Grid in the future. We cannot commit to serving the under 16 market for now, but we will work with educators and others to determine if and how we could allow younger users access in the future.”


  29. You can act all OMG I DONT WANT IT TO HAPPEN. But you know what guys? It was a well known thing a couple of months ago. And there is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, you can do about it. Go complain at a Linden, They simply don’t give a fuck. I’m pretty sure they have their reasons for this. And we teens choose for it ourselves if we wanted to fuck on the maingrid. But guess what? Most of us aren’t all that sick. Besides, Most adults like to dress up like little children right? Well this is your chance to meet those children for real, Woo! You should be excited!


  30. what Ran said! yes, drama seems to be from adults, not kids (no offense with the word “kids”, i find most kids have a better clue about what is going on)

    we “adults” think we have it all figured out

    i love the “kids” i work with on OpenSim, they are usually there to learn how to build, not act out some weird dramas under the veil of anonymity

    my two cents . . .


  31. “what Ran said! yes, drama seems to be from adults, not kids (no offense with the word “kids”, i find most kids have a better clue about what is going on)”

    there is a famous quote “A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.”

    might i suggest that Linden Labs see if they have any handy “children of Five”??


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