600 days on the Main Grid

Just like to announce that I’ve reached the 600 day milestone today on the Main Grid since transferring from the Teen Grid back in December 2008. I joined the Teen Grid back in October 2006 and since then it’s been really fun. My last post was when I reached the 200 day milestone in Second Life. I think the next milestone for me is to overpass the 1000 days milestone on the Main Grid which would be a great achievement for me.

I hope this inspires teens that have transferred to stay longer when they turn 18 years of instead of leaving after a few weeks or so. I hope for many I’ve been inspirational over the years and helpful to many too. I’m looking forward to more exciting SL adventures in the future.


  • My 4th rez day in SL – 31st October 2010
  • My blog turns 3 years old – 18th December 2010
  • 2 years on the MG – Mid December 2010

2 thoughts on “600 days on the Main Grid

  1. congrats Daniel…..sadly so many come to Secondlife all aglow, no matter what the age….and then slowly, a few days at a time they, drift away.
    If we could figure out exactly how to bottle the magic that keeps you here for 600 and myself for almost exactly twice that we could sell that info. For now it’s enough to just enjoy this time.


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