Philip Linden And BK Linden To Host Inworld Meeting On July 30th 2010

Philip Linden and BK Linden will be hosting a live inworld meeting with Q&A at 10am SLT on Friday 30th July 2010. The inworld meeting will take place at Linden Estate Services for a few hours I would imagine. The last half of the meeting will be used for questions and answers.

This meeting was planned by Philip Linden a few weeks ago when he returned to Linden Lab as interim CEO. This meeting will discuss many aspects of Second Life and upcoming plans for the future. Philip and Bob will be using SL Voice apparently, there will be live video and audio streaming of the event by TreetTV. Virtual Ability Island will be providing a transcript of the inworld meeting for residents that can’t get into the regions.

To attend you will need to fill out this form no later than Wednesday 28th July 2010.  A email or notecard will be sent out to the winners that LL pick by a random draw on 29th of July 2010.

More updates soon.

Official blog post by Philip today can be also viewed on SL Universe Forums – LINK


2 thoughts on “Philip Linden And BK Linden To Host Inworld Meeting On July 30th 2010

  1. Valiant Westland

    I Hope A Marketing / VAR Strategy That Engages SMB VARs is Discussed

    One of my greatest disappointments with Second Life, has been the disconnect with the Small to Medium-size Business (SMB) community. This omission is one of the reasons for my diminished participation in Second Life the last six months.

    The SMB community generates over 50% of the USA’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). SMB organizations, especially those with multiple regional, national or international offices are ideally suited for the scale of Second Life non-Enterprise Solutions. Last year SMBs spent $133 billion on information technology, according to IDC, which predicts that number will increase 8% this year, to $144 billion. That increase — the fastest growth rate in nine years — will outpace the 6.6% growth of the worldwide IT market by more than 25%, IDC reports” Most SMBs get their IT support from VARs (Value Added Resellers), who act as channel sales partners, providing consulting, implementation, training and support for SMB IT solutions.

    Small to Medium-Size Government (SMG) organizations mirror their commercial counterparts, relying on VARs for their IT needs. Although progressive government units world-wide have had some internally-driven Second Life engagement, they are also missing the potential VAR sales motivation and support necessary to make the use of Virtual Worlds a common tool to improve collaboration and constituent engagement.

    I would like to see Linden Lab make a concerted effort to engage the SMB, SMG and VAR community. Specifically, I would like to see a marketing and product strategy that provides a clear road map and value proposition for SMBs/SMBs and creates a WIN/WIN, profitable VAR channel.

    I hope I am selected to participate in the Inworld Meeting On July 30th 2010 and have the opportunity to learn more about the proposed future of Second Life as a SMB/SMG collaboration, training and constituent engagement platform.



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