SL recap of May 2010

Here is a recap of Second Life events & news during May 2010

Upcoming in June 2010

Recap of Real Life Events during May 2010

  • UK Hung Parliament – 6th
  • Gordon Brown stepped down as PM – 8th
  • David Cameron becomes new UK PM – 12th
  • STS-132 Shuttle Launch – 14th
  • Google officially unveils Google TV – 19th
  • Google pac-man game – 21st
  • Lost Finale 5am UK time – 24th

Weekly Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable Meetings

Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable starts at 2:30 SLT on 25th May 2010 talking about Managing large classes in Second Life. There are weekly Tuesday meetings talking about various topics each week.

There is a useful list of transcripts of previous and current round table meetings located here. Here is the SLURL of this round table meeting will be hosted here.

In Viewer 2 at the moment it’s harder to find classes because it’s hidden away in Search. However hopefully LL will make search better in the coming months because it really needs work done to it.

2010 Linden Prize Update

Blondin Linden has announced the finalists for the Linden Prize 2010. This year 130 applications went through the Linden Prize process with a small team sorting out the applications from January 2010 till April 2010. The winner will get 10, 000 USD on Monday 31st May 2010 along with a special destination category. I wish them all good luck.

Top Ten

1)The Power of Story: Karuna and the Uncle D Story Quest
Submitted by: Jenaia Morane & Marty Snowpaw from the Karuna Project &Lorelei Junot from the Alliance Library System

2) The Library and Archives at NASA CoLab in Second Life
Submitted by: Archivist Llewellyn from NASA’s CoLab

3) The Nonprofit Commons in Second Life
Submitted by: Glitteractica Cookie from Nonprofit Commons

4) Open University: A Third Place in Second Life
Submitted by: Elsa Dickins from The Open University in Virtual Worlds

5) Play2Train™
Submitted by: Moriz Gupte from Play2Train

6) sionChicken and sionCorn
Submitted by: Sion Zaius from Sion Labs

7) Skoolaborate: Engaging all Students for Learning
Submitted by: Westley Streeter from Skoolaborate

8) The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop
Submitted by: Agent Heliosense from Tech Virtual

9) Teaching, Research, Art, Architecture: The University of Western Australia (UWA)
Submitted by: Jayjay Zifanwe from the University of Western Australia

10) Virtual Helping Hands
Submitted by: Saxet Uralia from Virtual Helping Hands

Helen Keller Day 2010 in SL

Helen Keller Day in Second Life 2010 will be taking place on Saturday 19th June 2010 between 8am – 9pm SLT. This event needs volunteers to help out with this year’s event.

  • You can sign up here
  • IM iSkye Silverweb if you have any questions

Other Events

  • SL7B will be taking place on 21st June till 27th June 2010.
  • More events will be posted soon!

Bay City 2nd Anniversary Parade Highlights

Today marks Bay City’s 2nd Anniversary in Second life, west of Miramare Infohub. Over 60 SL residents joined in with the parade celebrations including M Linden, Blondin Linden, Hyper Mole and Garden Mole. The parade started at 12pm PDT and ended before 1pm PDT with music guests doing live music to finish of the day. There were alot of ducks, parade floats, blurtophones, clowns, fire effects and alot more exciting stuff during the event.

I enjoyed being a duck travelling through this years 2010 Bay City route with many SL residents supporting along the way which was great. It took around 15 minutes to complete the course. Check out my Bay City Parade shots 2010 > VISIT

LL Upgrading to JIRA 4.0

Linden Lab will be upgrading the Second Life JIRA version to JIRA 4.0 in the coming weeks and months.  SL JIRA is a tool for residents to file bug reports and new features requests. There is no confirmed date yet and there is a discussion on SL Universe Forums about this. The message wast sent through the inbox and there is talk inworld too.

Originally Posted by Alexa Linden

Linden Lab is planning to upgrade to JIRA 4.0. As part of this process, we will be reviewing all issues filed to determine which are relevant to our currently supported Viewers (1.23, 2.0.1 Beta & Release). All Bugs with Affects Versions of 1.22 or earlier will be automatically closed, as we work to maintain our focus on only those issues relating to current viewers. If you have filed a Bug that has been closed, and you know that the problem still occurs in either 1.23 or 2.0.1, then please update the ‘Affects Versions’ field with the supported versions in which you have observed the problem, and re-open the issue.

It’s alarming that bugs relating to version 1.22 or earlier will be closed apparently but there is a effects versions field that will re-open the issue.

What do you think about this upgrade to version 4?

SL7B, June 2010

Courtney Linden has just announced details about Second Life’s 7th Birthday Celebrations due to take place between June 21st to June 27th 2010. The theme for SL7B is Unexpected Collaborations which means the festivities will take place in a verdant cityscape. SL7B parcels range from 512 to 1024 m2 for builders to start work in time for the event. SL7B regions have been on the SL grid for a few weeks now way in advance..

SL7B Scheduled Timeline

  • Announcement of SL7B – 10th May 2010
  • SL7B FAQ – New updates on SL Wiki on 12th May 2010
  • LL will start accepting applications – 12th May 2010
  • Deadline for applications – 20th May 2010
  • LL will notify exhibitors – By 3rd June if they are accepted
  • SL7B opens – 21st June 2010
  • SL7B ends – 27th June 2010

SL7B Map – 20 regions

  • Should be good fun.
  • More SL7B updates soon!

MetaMeets 2010 Day Two Highlights

MetaMeets 2010 has now ended and its created a great buzz around the SL community. Folks that have heard about this event and folks that attended this event in Dublin. Next year MetaMeets 2011 will be hosted in Berlin  and organization for that is underway.

Some tweets from Twitter on MetaMeets 2010.

MetaMeets2011 will be in Berlin. It’s a great community event. A big thank you for the organizers. MetaMeets rocks!

#metameets 2010 has come to its end and I wanna thank you all for particpating!!! It was great

I am still buzzing after #metameets has ended

More Updates

MetaMeets 2010 Day One Highlights

You can watch the recordings of Day 1 of MetaMeets 2010, LINK.

  • Includes Philip Rosedale and Mark Kingdon near the end of the broadcast recording from Dublin Conference.
  • Sitearm Madonna blogs about the highlights of Day 1, LINK.
  • Catch the latest #metameets tweets, LINK.

Day 2 highlights will be posted later on today/tomorrow.  Stay tuned!