Viewer 2 Poll Results, April 2010 Update

Over the last few months there have been several Viewer 2 Polls set up by SL residents and Lindens to find out what you think of Viewer 2.

Here are some of the results so far…

From these results alot of SL residents dislike the new Viewer 2 for many different reasons and want something different instead perhaps. A small amount of SL residents actually like Viewer 2 and it be interesting to see happens next. M Linden commented on New World Notes this week on new user experience.

Do you like Viewer 2 or do you dislike Viewer 2?

Comment below!


My Stats, April 2010 Update

Stats update on the SL sites I run. As of April 15th 2010!

My Blog

  • Total Blog Stats – 55, 299 (since December 2007)
  • Subscribers – 21 (sign up on homepage)
  • Comments – 409
  • Monthly Views – 4, 000 (average)
  • Daily Views per day – 150 (average)

On Plurk

  • Profile Views – 6, 585 (Joined September 2008)
  • Plurks – 3, 533

On Twitter

  • Tweets – 5, 369 (Joined December 2007)
  • Followers – 555

On Flickr

  • SL Pics – 14, 973 (joined June 2006)
  • Views – 33, 437
  • Daily views – 100+ (average)

Other SL Stats

  • 481 days since I transferred to the Main Grid (SL)
  • 1, 261 days since I signed up to SL (October 31st 2006)
  • 4th SL Rez Day on 31st October 2010

Check out my Connect page for all my SL sites and stay tuned for all things SL 2010.

Everything look good so far and things are on the up. Thanks to you for visiting my SL sites and expect more new SL things shortly. I will publish another stats roundup in July 2010 to see whats been happening.

Celebrate the 100th episode of Metanomics

Join Metanomics at 12pm SLT on Wednesday, April 14th  2010 to celebrate the 100th episode of Metanomics. Joshua Fairfield will be talking about the new Second Life terms of service and more.  Stay in-world afterwards for the after party hosted by the Metanomics team.

Metanomics 100th Episode Spectacular!
There will be a short break after the episode and then the party will begin to celebrate the milestone of Metanomics’ 100th episode! Host Robert Bloomfield will be singing with his jazz band, Beyers and the ReZtones, there will be a giant cake and many other surprises! All guests, audience members, volunteers and staff are welcome to come, invite your friends!
Beyers & The ReZtones

Come and enjoy the fun!

SLCC 2010, Boston MA, Summer 2010

SLCC 2010 will be officially hosted in Boston MA, Summer 2010.  The SLCC website has been updated with a new 2010 logo and location with 2010 links.

The convention is organized by residents of Second Life. Tracks, panels, and events are hosted by Second Life residents from all segments of the community.


Old Second Life Forums Archive Appears

After a few months of waiting the first signs of the Second Life Forums Archive is starting to appear online. The old SL Forums Archieve was delayed because of broken arms apparently said by Yoz Linden last month on the SL Official Blog. The old forums was replaced by the new SL Forums on 9th February 2010 announced by Blue Linden.

SL Fantasy Faire 2010, April 19th–25th

There will be a SL Fantasy Faire week between April 19th-25th to benefit Relay for Life 2010 later this year in SL. There will be live concerts, events and fundraising happening during the week on 9 sims for the event. Spread the word and come and support!

Proudly brought to you by
Friends Fighting Cancer
Strong!  Together!

Relay for Life of Second Life has now become the largest fundraising event in the virtual world, with almost $275,000 USD raised last year during the Relay season.

This year, to do it’s part towards a $300,000 USD goal, the Fantasy Faire will be a huge event, spread across 9 themed sims. Participating designers include Fallen Gods, Rfyre, Silent Sparrow, Illusions, Psychotic Neko, Evie’s Closet, Material Squirrel, Chaospire and many, many more.

SL Volunteer Changes So Far

4 months ago on December 11th 2009 Linden Lab shut down the official Second Life Mentor program in Second Life and since then there have a number of changes to helping groups/new resident experience.  Here is a recap!

Timeline of events

Snapshot of New Resident Experience Changes Over Time

NEW! Sign up to the New Beta Test Opportunity 2010 – Starts 8th-14th April 2010.

T Linden interview on New Resident Experience now available for viewing

On 31st March 2010 between 12pm SLT – 1pm SLT Robert Bloomfield asked questions to T Linden about the new Viewer 2 and new resident experience in Second Life at Metanomics island.  It was a really interesting show and the local chat was extremely busy with tons of questions from SL residents via chat bridge system.

Tom Hale, Chief Product Officer for Linden Lab announces the latest step to make the new Second Life user experience a better one: Welcome Island and Discovery Island. Metanomics host Robert Bloomfield fields questions for Tom from the community.

You can now watch that interview here.