SLCC 2010, Boston MA, Summer 2010

SLCC 2010 will be officially hosted in Boston MA, Summer 2010.  The SLCC website has been updated with a new 2010 logo and location with 2010 links.

The convention is organized by residents of Second Life. Tracks, panels, and events are hosted by Second Life residents from all segments of the community.



10 thoughts on “SLCC 2010, Boston MA, Summer 2010

  1. Daniel Voyager

    It’s abit far for me to get there. I’ll be inworld hopefully watching the coverage as I have been doing in previous years. 😀


  2. Alexander (in sl: alexander9 carver

    How long do you say till their release the date of were it is and were it will be in boston, massachusetts? Will Lindenlab post info about SLCC on their blogs or at least make message of the day on the log in screen?


  3. Daniel Voyager

    @Alex: I would say late June/July sometime (may be earlier). Residents will post new info on the SLCC 2010 website when it comes available. (when I hear I will post on plurk etc)

    It’s resident run!



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