Viewer 2 Becomes The Default Download & New Resident Experience Upgrade

T Linden announced this morning on the Official Second Life Blog that Viewer 2 is out of the beta period and that Viewer 2 is now the default download (viewer) for all users. On the SL Login Screen there is now a optional upgrade notice where you can download Viewer 2. Viewer 2 made it out of beta on time to meet with Q1 2010 deadline Linden Lab set earlier this year.

  • Viewer 2 Public Beta was released on February 23rd 2010.
  • Viewer 2 came out of beta on March 31st 2010
  • Viewer 2.1 due out mid-summer

SL Login Screen: Viewer 2 Upgrade Message

There are new changes to the New Resident Experience today in Second Life including 94 Welcome Islands and 60 SL Discovery Islands. There are Welcome Island Public regions and SL Discovery Island Public regions for everybody to check out. New users will be rezzed at the new Welcome Island regions now when they sign up for Second Life via the sign-up page instead of landing at the old Help Islands.

Welcome Island Public

SL Discovery Island Public

Coming Soon

  • In April there will be more in-depth blog posts on New Resident Experience
  • Expect Q1 SL Metrics to be published in early April 2010 by T Linden
  • Next release of Viewer 2 expected mid summer of 2010