Nova Albion 6th Anniversary, 20th March 2010

Nova Albion will be celebrating its 6th anniversary in Second Life this coming Saturday 20th March 2010 at 2 pm SLT.

Parade 2010 Map – Starting and finishing at Grignano
Calling All Ducks

  • Follow the Nova Albion Twiter Feed
  • 3 LIVE performers will entertain right after the parade from 3 to 6 pm SLT !!
  • Come along and enjoy the fun!

Pirate Air reaches 600 members strong

The Pirate Air group in Second Life has announced that there are now 600 members in the group and growing strong weekly. Pirate Air is one of the biggest active airports in the community with ingoing and outgoing flights every day.  There is a runaway, hangers, free planes, sitting areas and much more to explore when you arrive. If you join the group you will receive freebies and the very latest happenings from SL flying management team.

Pirate Air, is dedicated itself to flying and  the skies of Second Life.  Based at Honah Lee Surf Sim, our group meets Weds Evenings @ 2:00 PM SLT, and Sunday at 12:00 pm SLT. Our charter is simple – Fl, enjoy our aircraft, and build Camaraderie with fellow Aviators.  Our Motto:  No one left in the hangar.   Join us !