Over 5,000 avatars attended VWBPE 2010

New VWBPE Record Set

Marty Snowpaw, one of the many organizers of VWBPE 2010 said that “over 5, 000 avatars attended the two day event” between 12th-13th of March 2010. That means VWBPE 2010 set a brand new record. Marty Snowpaw also said “the conference is rolling a long with record breaking attendance”. VWBPE 2010 was a 48 hour in-world conference hosted at the VWBPE regions. VWBPE 2009 organizers announced last year that around 38, 00 unique with over 600 new avatars attended which set a new record. You can view the recorded videos of the conference, click here.

I couldn’t make it last year but I went along to the conference inworld this year and throught it was really interesting. I enjoyed listening to many presentations both inworld and on the live broadcast stream via VWBPE Live Media. The cyberland German Teen presentation, M Linden’s presentation and Viewer 2.0 presentation I found interesting.

Perhaps next year the conference could be for the whole weekend but I am sure there will be even more records set. Seeing future conferences in 3D in Second Life would be awesome to see. The organizers, presenters and volunteers etc did a great job this year and I would definitely go next year.


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