Old places in Second Life

There are many remaining old places that exists today from the Alpha & Beta period of Second Life. The most famous old ones include the Da Boom sim, SL Beta Wall, Governor’s Mansion, SL Historical Museum, the Outlands and many more. Last year I went on a field trip to visit all the major historical places in Second Life and it was good fun. I recommend you should check them out!

What are your favourite old historical landmarks in Second Life ?

3 thoughts on “Old places in Second Life

  1. There must be something in the virtual air… A thread on this topic (which is of great interest to me) turned up in SLUniverse:


    … which gave me the impetus to begin a photographic expedition of my own. It’s ongoing, and under construction, but you can look here:


    So far, I’ve relied on suggestions from the other folks at SLU, and the notecards to be obtained at the SL Historical Museum; the latter, in essence, duplicate the information to be found on the Wiki you linked to. The problem is, very little of that is any newer than 2005.

    We need the stories to go with the photos, while those who were there, then, are still among us to tell them.


  2. I will be working on adding the “explanatory notes” in the coming days. 🙂

    The SLUniverse post I know about. I am glad these old places are still around to visit and yeah more information needs to be added.


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