Second Life on Windows 7, Update 3

My last SL  Windows 7 post was back in November 2009 after Windows 7 launched on 22nd October 2009. There have no changes to the SL Requirements page yet.  Remember to update your graphics drivers and other additional drivers to stay updated.

According to the Windows 7 Compatibility Center for Second Life it says “Coming Soon” with “We are working with the software publisher to confirm this product’s compatibility”. Windows 7 works fine on my computer when using Second Life however I still do prefer using Windows XP for better performance. There have been a number of SL questions on Windows 7 in previous months on SL Answers and SL Forums.

Screenshot of Windows 7 in November 2009 above

  • Have you had any problems with Windows 7 when running Second Life ?
  • Your experience ?

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8 thoughts on “Second Life on Windows 7, Update 3

  1. No problems so far that are Windows 7/64bit specific. All errors I have, appear on WinXP SP3/32bit and Win Vista/64bit, too.


  2. For some reason, I can run SL fine on Windows 7.. EXCEPT I get these horrible glitches that make the characters and such spazz and have all these colorful spike things coming out of them, and my graphics car was the best W7 came with :c


  3. Hey Dan, Windows 7 is Unsupported i Believe. I Haven’t Had an Issue With it And SL Ever since i got it in October of ’09.

    I Would say there’s Known Issues With SL. I’ve seen Multiple Glitches With Running Three SL Accounts at once. but then again that’s Probably my system acting up


  4. @Anthoney Biedermann: Most likely. Windows 7 works fine on my machine so far and I’ve had W7 since October 2009.

    If anything changes then I will post update 4 on my blog. Likes keeping everyone updated! 😀


  5. Grrr. Ever since I upgraded from Vista to 7 on my laptop, Second Life Crashes. The video driver is constantly cutting out. This happens regardless of the viewer I’m using.

    Viewer 2 beta doesn’t crash as frequently but I hate it since I can’t keep the camera controls where I need them, and if i crash, it reloads the clothes I was wearing… even if I hadn’t been on my laptop in a week and had changed outfits several times since then, I load with the last clothes I was wearing in Viewer 2 and not the last outfit I was wearing in character.


  6. @Meg: Viewer 2 there are many issues with it and therefore I use Viewer 1 forday-to-day things. Viewer 2 takes ages for things to load like inventory and avatar.

    Wants to see Viewer 3. lol


  7. I upgraded from xp to Win 7 , big mistake for my system. Viewer 2 takes forever to rez characters and objects, and it’s extremely hard to move.

    I have tried

    Kirstens S20 , Phoenix, Imprudence Experimental viewers and they all crash on start up.

    I’m looking for an older version of the linden labs viewer next to try.
    Over these holidays, I’m going back to Xp



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