SL recap of February 2010

SL Recap of February 2010 in Second Life.

Upcoming March Events 2010

Big changes in SL so far:

  • Gestures
  • Voice
  • Windlight
  • Search/Showcase
  • Xstreet SL
  • SL Blogs/Forums
  • SL Dashboard
  • Viewer 2.0 Public Beta (plus other sl viewers)

RL Recap of February 2010

  • Facebook turns 6 years old + new layout
  • STS-130 space shutte mission launches
  • Alexander McQueen is found dead
  • 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics
  • Pelican attacks TV Weatherman
  • Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7
  • Massive earthquake strikes Chile – magnitude of 8.8

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