Latest Viewer 2.0 Public Beta Posts

My thoughts on the new viewer 2.0 public beta after two days using it.


  • HTML on a Prim (Media) is awesome
  • Improved MOTD color scheme at startup, teleporting and logging out
  • Search bar along the top is nice along with the Star button to add landmarks (favourites)
  • Picture icons for SL avatars is great
  • Download size is not that big which is a good thing
  • Improved Help menus/buttons/navigation
  • New develop/advanced menus are cool for goodies
  • Nearby avatars in the People tab is handy
  • Friend / Notice alerts is a nice feature on the bottom toolbar


  • Profiles now squashed up in the right sidebar (showing SL pic and RL pic)
  • Events is difficult to find
  • Friend permissions gone
  • Pie menus gone
  • Search has been renamed back to Find
  • The right sidebar takes up a lot of space
  • Total items amount is gone from the top when viewing Inventory
  • Me menu is very limited to what you can do
  • Sounds settings need to be improved in top right
  • World Map has changed the rating icons

There are a whole lot of other things to add good and not so good about the new viewer 2.0 public beta. The new Viewer 2.0 is still in the early stages of development etc with loads of exciting changes to come in the near future.

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Feel free to comment on your views on the new Second Life 2.0 Viewer Public Beta below…


6 thoughts on “Latest Viewer 2.0 Public Beta Posts

  1. Zai

    # Friend permissions gone

    The permissions are still there, but there’s no easy way to view them anymore for all your friends at once. They’re now stored in every persons profile in this “notes & privacy” tab.

    # Total items amount is gone from the top when viewing Inventory

    Yeah… tho there’s a work around when you spawn one of the additional inventory floaters (e.g. via Ctrl+Shift+I). The old floaters are still displaying the count.


  2. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    Curious how some people’s “pros” are other people’s “cons” πŸ™‚ For me, for instance, the sidebar is a great idea, specially because it resizes the viewport. After hours and hours of use, I found out that I actually have way more viewable space under SL 2.0 than on any 1.X viewer I’ve tried β€” thanks to less cluttering (which is not immediately obvious!).

    The pie bar is something I emotionally miss, but rationally, the new floating menus are so much more convenient. The reason is that it’s far easier to get at 2nd and 3rd level menus; a pie menu forces you to memorise what is at each level and is way harder to navigate. It was the best interface idea LL had so long there was just one level.

    The rest of your “cons” are mostly bug fixes. Like, for instance, the inability to drag and drop from the Recent tab to the My Inventory tab. I’m sure that is a bug, not a feature πŸ™‚


  3. Az Afterthought

    I agree with Gwyneth – I love the sidebar! Although it could be put to much better use – in terms of what it displays. I’m really impressed so far, and to think that it’s still just a beta! Although, is it just me or can you no longer delete stuff whilst it’s rezzed? I only seem to be able to take things :S

    I put some of my rambly psychology laden thoughts here if you’re interested


  4. Daniel Voyager

    @Zai: That’s good then on the additional inventory floaters. I always like to know how much I’ve got etc because I am doing a big cleanup at the moment.

    @Gwyneth Llewelyn: Alot of bug fixes and improvements to make indeed.

    @Az Afterthought: I agree on the sidebar. I will take a look at your ” rambly psychology laden thoughts”. πŸ˜€


  5. Kimberly Winnington/Gianna Borgnine

    Great list Daniel. I love seeing other peoples pros and cons. I agree with Gwyn and Az about the sidebars though.. I love them, even though they can get a little annoying when you try to do something and you’re used to the old way. I think most people will like them better with time.

    I do agree there are a lot of bugs. My biggest bug con is that, if I view the properties of an object in my inventory, the back button doesn’t respond so I can no longer access my inventory without relogging.

    I am encouraged by how fast they are fixing bugs and putting out the new versions though. I hated that you could no longer inspect objects and see all of their creators, but that bug was fixed in the last version. The Lindens have also said they plan on fixing events as well (just FYI).



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