First round of confirmed Resident Help Network groups

Here is a list of helping groups that have passed the first round of the new beta Resident Help Network program by Linden Lab. Well done to all of them!

  • Help Sandbox
  • Hobo Helpers
  • Mental Mentors
  • New Citizens, Inc (NCI)
  • Phoenix Wave Team
  • SecondAbility Mentors
  • Virtual Ability
  • White Tiger Mentors

Visit the Resident Help Network Portal if your interested in joining and volunteering. (IM Lexie Linden)

The Resident Help Network (RHN) program is designed to promote “the best of the best” volunteer-run help groups inworld through a cohesive network. Linden Lab reviews each group through an application process, and each group that passes muster is added to our approved network.

Round 2 to be announced in the coming months.  The Resident Help Network was launched back in November 2009 before SL Mentors program was shut down on December 11th 2009. The TSL Mentors program was shut down early 2009 for confirmation.