Countdown to SL Pro 2010, Starting Tuesday

Sl Pro! opens in 4 days!

SL Pro starts on Tuesday 23rd February and will end on Thursday 25th February 2010. Registrations to SL Pro will end on Monday 21st February so hurry if you want to sign up.  SL Pro invites scripers and builders to the conference to improve skills and SL businesses in Second Life. Check out the Shedule here and hopefully there will be LIVE video streams of the conference to broadcast to the rest of the SL community.

The conference opens with a keynote from T Linden at 9AM Tuesday, Feb. 23 giving an overview of Linden Lab’s strategy and goals for 2010 and providing a sneak preview into some of the coming developments that will enable new levels of expression and creativity in Second Life.

Other confirmed speakers include AM Radio, Babbage Linden, Catherine Omega, CJ Carnot, Kim Anubis, Pink Linden, Seifert Surface, Stella Costello, and Youif you submit a proposal for SL Pro!

I always find these keynotes really interesting because of the sneak previews and upcoming developments in Second Life. There are also some well known confirmed speakers and I would love to hear what they have to say at SL Pro conference 2010.

I will post more updates in the coming days.

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