TG Residents integrated into SL Forums

I have been using the new Second Life Forums this week and I have found that Teen residents are now appearing on the radar on the new SL Forums. They also appear to be showing up on Avatars United too. It seems like Linden Lab have removed the TSL Forums and directing teens to the SL Forums now which is not right at all. It would remain separate and not be mixed in. I wonder if this is start of the grid merge (plans) or not.

What are your views on this ?

Poll: Should MG and TG Forums remain separate?


5 thoughts on “TG Residents integrated into SL Forums

  1. This is N incredibly good thing that I only wish had happened sooner in my own TG days. This will easethe load substantially on TG side support and also should hopefully increase the standard of TG content creation exponentially as teen residents will now have access to many years worth of advice and wisdom on the main SL forums. All in all, this is an incredibly good thing.



  2. I really don’t see the issue. Adults and Teens use the same Internet. There are many other games that I have played where the two are not segregated. It’s not really that hard for teens to get on the main grid anyway. It’s more of an honor system. I’ve known quite a few teens on the wrong grid. From what they have told me, the comparison between the two is like comparing apples to oranges in terms of content and things to do.


  3. @Lewis: The issue is that Adults don’t want Teens joining them on the SL Forums. They want them to be separate just like the grids are.

    Linden Lab have officially integrated both forums into one big forum now.


  4. I think it’s a great thing for LL to do this! The TG forums have been completely dead in discussions for a very long time. This new merge, I believe bridges a huge gap. I’ve even discovered answers that I’ve been needing for a while now. So “Two thumbs up for this LL”


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