Upcoming Valentine's Day 2010 in Second Life

It’s that time of year again when we all go into love mode and send lovely gifts to one another in Real Life / Second Life. Linden Lab have just announced this years schedule of events for Valentine’s Day on February 14th 2010 in Second Life. Check out 2009 SL Valentine’s Day events here.

Main events for SL Valentines 2010;

  • The Scavenger Hunt
  • Kiss-A-Volunteer / Kiss-A-Linden
  • Special XStreet offers

Valentine’s Regions 2010

On February 12 & February 14, 2010…

* Volunteers will be around all-day for Kiss-A-Volunteer!
* Lindens will be on Isle of View and Isle of ViewToo from 7-9 AM and 5-7 PM PST.
* And for you Teen Residents, Lindens will be present on Hugsville for Teens from 3-5 PM PST.

The Scavenger Hunt 2010

A unique scavenger hunt will be held February 12th, 13th, and 14th – each day, finding the starting clue will lead you to the first Golden Heart of the day.

On the final scavenger hunt day (February 14th), take a photograph of your avatar standing near the final Golden Heart of the day and submit it to the Second Life Facebook page to enter yourself in a contest! Five entrants will be selected at random to win the Golden Hearts grand prize – L$15,000!

We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in style and continuing our yearly tradition! Three regions, “Isle of View”, “Isle of ViewToo” and “Hugsville for Teens” (on Teen Second Life) have arisen from the depths of the ocean, decorated in the spirit of LOVE.

Send XStreet Valentine’s Gifts

Spread the love this year with Valentine’s gifts! There are an array of items to choose from at XStreet, and this year we’ve carved out a special section in XStreet for Valentine’s Day:  details can be found here.  Interested in sending a gift to your best pal, neighbor, estate manager, or valentine, direct from XStreet?

* Go to Xstreet, find the gift you want and click on it.
* On the right, you will see box, “Choose Payment Method”
* When you click “Purchase as a gift”, write in the recipient’s name.
* Complete your purchase, and the gift will be delivered to the lucky Resident!

Sounds exciting right? Comment below!


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