New SL Forum Upgrades

Linden Lab announced yesterday the old Second Life Forums will be upgraded from 2nd February 2010 onwards. The new forums will be integrated into the Clearspace software which is now actually used for the Official Second Life Blog. Clearspace software is also used for SL Answers which launched on 3rd December 2009. The sad news that the VBulletin forums will be closed and archived.

The new Second Life Blogs became active on 25th February 2009 and today it’s easier to search what you are looking for. With improved readability, blog channels, profiles and more comments are allowed now on the Second Life Blogs compared to 100 at max a few years ago. In the early days when there were downtimes (beta-2006) in Second Life many turned to the SL Forums to find out the latest news and gossip. Nowadays there are many ways of finding out the latest SL updates through social networking sites, sl status reports and through SL resident blogs.

It will be interesting to see the new changes made to the SL Forums this week or next. When the new changes happen I will post screen-shots of it on my blog/flickr/plurk.


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