SL recap of February 2010

SL Recap of February 2010 in Second Life.

Upcoming March Events 2010

Big changes in SL so far:

  • Gestures
  • Voice
  • Windlight
  • Search/Showcase
  • Xstreet SL
  • SL Blogs/Forums
  • SL Dashboard
  • Viewer 2.0 Public Beta (plus other sl viewers)

RL Recap of February 2010

  • Facebook turns 6 years old + new layout
  • STS-130 space shutte mission launches
  • Alexander McQueen is found dead
  • 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics
  • Pelican attacks TV Weatherman
  • Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7
  • Massive earthquake strikes Chile – magnitude of 8.8

Viewer 2 Beta Survey & Viewer 2 Roundup

During inworld Documentation Office Hours on 24th February 2010, there was a link to fill out the New Viewer 2 Beta Survey.  There is alot to disgust this week and there is a BIG BUZZ right now on VIEWER 2 BETA inworld. There have been a few hundred plurks on viewer 2 within the past few days and over 1, 000 tweets by SL residents (growing by the minute). The SL blogosphere has exploded with tons of reactions/review posts on the new viewer 2.  Viewer 2.0 Beta Forum Feedback and Questions




This is a survey to gather feedback about Viewer 2 Beta.

If you have a technical question you would like resolved, please visit our Quick Start guide:

Roundup of this weeks SL Blog Official Posts relating Viewer 2 beta.

More updates soon.

Latest Viewer 2.0 Public Beta Posts

My thoughts on the new viewer 2.0 public beta after two days using it.


  • HTML on a Prim (Media) is awesome
  • Improved MOTD color scheme at startup, teleporting and logging out
  • Search bar along the top is nice along with the Star button to add landmarks (favourites)
  • Picture icons for SL avatars is great
  • Download size is not that big which is a good thing
  • Improved Help menus/buttons/navigation
  • New develop/advanced menus are cool for goodies
  • Nearby avatars in the People tab is handy
  • Friend / Notice alerts is a nice feature on the bottom toolbar


  • Profiles now squashed up in the right sidebar (showing SL pic and RL pic)
  • Events is difficult to find
  • Friend permissions gone
  • Pie menus gone
  • Search has been renamed back to Find
  • The right sidebar takes up a lot of space
  • Total items amount is gone from the top when viewing Inventory
  • Me menu is very limited to what you can do
  • Sounds settings need to be improved in top right
  • World Map has changed the rating icons

There are a whole lot of other things to add good and not so good about the new viewer 2.0 public beta. The new Viewer 2.0 is still in the early stages of development etc with loads of exciting changes to come in the near future.

Latest Reactions from SL Residents

Feel free to comment on your views on the new Second Life 2.0 Viewer Public Beta below…

New Second Life Viewer 2.0 Public Beta Launches

The New Second Life Viewer 2.0 Public Beta has arrived today after T Linden’s Keynotes at SL Pro 2010. The new beta viewer page for viewer 2.0 was released to the public just after 9:45am PST (5:45pm UK time)  this morning. The 23rd of February 2010 will be a historical date for Linden Lab and SL residents with the new future generations of 2.0 etc. Great work Linden Lab!

The last few hours or so I have been testing it and here are my latest screenshots of the viewer 2.0 public beta. I have alot of mixed feelings about it so far. So far it looks very nice.

Screenshot of new User Interface

Screenshot of new Help Menu and World Map sidebar

Timeline of SL Viewers

There are alot of new features and menus to get used to in the new viewer 2.0 and it will take some time to get used to it all.

New Features in Viewer 2.0 Public Beta

The next generation Second Life Viewer is here! Download Viewer 2 and experience new features such as:

  • Integrated Web-Based Media
  • Easier, Browser-Like Navigation
  • Side Panel for Frequently-Used Features
  • Improved Search

The Impact

The resident help groups will now have to spend time updating their SL tutorials and SL newbie resources. There have been alot of recent news about this upcoming viewer 2.0 for many months now and now its out to download there will be alot more discussions on it. Feedback will now start spreading inworld/on the internet like the SL Forums, SL Answer and on social networking sites like Plurk, Facebook and Twitter etc. It’s exciting and its going to be interesting how it developments in the coming weeks and months.

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Survey: Do you like the new Second Life Viewer 2.0 Public Beta ? What do you think?