New tabs added to Daniel Voyager's SL Feeds

Over the past few months and recent weeks I have been collecting useful Second Life links to put up on my SL Feeds 2010 (netvibes site). There are 15 tabs at the moment with more new tabs being added in the near future to keep you updated around the clock on all things SL. I recommend you bookmark my DV SL Feeds pages and check back for the latest. đŸ˜€

My SL Feeds aims to bring you the latest news first. Each box you can view and get the latest RSS Feeds so you will never miss a thing. I recommend you check out Netvibes Official Homepage and perhaps create your own netvibes pages for Second Life or perhaps for Real Life.

Recent New tabs

Current Tabs: SL News, SL Tweets, SL Blogs, SL Shopping, SL Fashion, SL Newbies, Virtual Worlds, SL Education, SL Videos, SL TV, SL Pics, DV, TSL and RL!

Enjoy and if you have any questions about my SL Feeds 2010 then CONTACT ME. Feel free to suggest a link or improvement and I will see what I can do!