Metanomics New Spring Season Begins 2010

It’s 2010 and Metanomics new spring season begins

New 2010 Season

Metanomics new spring season 2010 starts at 12pm PST on Wednesday 27th, hosted by Robert Bloomfield. Robert will be interviewing Douglas Rushkoff, writer of Frontline’s Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier. MORE INFO < New show information and trailer

Last year I loved attending Metanomics weekly shows because I found it really interesting and its all LIVE. I am really excited about what 2010 has in store for Metanomics during 2010. If you are new to attending these live events I recommend you come along to these weekly showings. Spread the word!

About Metanomics

Metanomics® explores the serious uses of virtual worlds. Metanomics is a passionate community with an interest in understanding the evolving use of virtual world technologies.

We are best known for our weekly show which is broadcast before a live “studio audience” and on the Web. The show is broadcast Wednesdays at 12:00 pm Pacific Time and is then archived on this Web site and at Treet.TV, our production partner.

Since 2007, Metanomics has been at the center of our understanding of the serious uses of virtual worlds. Spanning over 80 episodes, host Robert Bloomfield has interviewed leading figures in enterprise, education and new media in an effort to bring more understanding to virtual spaces.