IPhone Apps for Second Life

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Touch Life – IPhone Client & IPod Touch For Second Life

  • See Friends Online
  • Chat & Instant Messaging
  • World Map
  • Teleporting
  • Profiles, Payments
  • Search
  • Photos
  • Inventory
  • And more

Sparkle IM – Second Life on the IPhone & IPod Touch – Developed by Genkii

  • User Search
  • Send TP requests
  • Region chat
  • User profiles
  • Send and recieve IMs
  • And more

AjaxLife – Web-based Second Life viewer (Touch Life, IPod Touch) – Created by Katharine Berry

  • Teleports
  • Mini-map / SL Map
  • Friend notifications
  • Local chat and IM
  • Accept / decline teleport offers
  • Web browser
  • And more

Know of any other IPhone Apps for Second Life ? Which is your favourite?

Make a comment and I will add it above! 😀

Enjoy SL Iphone Lovers! 🙂


15 thoughts on “IPhone Apps for Second Life

  1. I started with Sparkle and still have it on the iPhone…but prefer Touch Life for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the scope and consistently operating. I needed to pay someone quickly and doing so in Touch Life was painless. Touch Life does need to work on Teleporting, but that may also be an SL issue. What I would really like to see is integration with the XStreetSL.


  2. Hey there.

    Nice listings thou could you elaborate on all features instead of writing and more to make it easier to compare?



  3. @Botgirl: 3D sounds interesting for the IPhone. IPhone 4G/5G/3D version perhaps in the future.

    @John: Interesting idea on integration with XStreet SL.

    @Dan: Thanks. I would recommend you to check out the links for more features. I wanted to do a quick post with bullet point info about each SL app. In my next post about iphones etc I will make sure to elaborate more. (^_^)


  4. Like John, I have Sparkle and Touch Life both. Sparkle is a bit more limited in capability. I have it in case I get an urgent page or need to contact someone inworld in a hurry. And frankly, if I’m away from my home computer, there’s zero chance I’ll be able to log in to SL. Being able to IM while I’m elsewhere is a useful app for me.


  5. The problem I found with most of these apps is that their community platforms exist only within the application itself. This means that you can only communicate with other people logged onto the app, normally strangers, without any sort of identification or profile. This creates chat-rooms full of spam, wingdings (smiley faces and what not), and fragmented conversation that is really more annoying than interesting. The solution to this problem lies in OpenID technology such as Facebook Connect, which may soon proliferate the web. Allowing users to log-in to the app using an existing profile, such as their Facebook account, would open the app up to a world of possibilities. Social gaming companies such as Zyng and Playfish are perfect examples of app developers harnessing the power of Facebook’s word-of-mouth/viral capabilities. Facebook Connect might be the easiest solution to creating an engaged community, because lets face, when you fall in love with a band/musician/artist, the first person you to tell “You gotta hear this!” is a good friend.


  6. @Katie: Thanks for your comment. That’s very true and I see what you are saying. 🙂

    @Bill: Thanks for the link.

    @Justin: I have not tried either yet.


  7. An update for you, Daniel- Pocket Metaverse is the current name for Touch Life. They said they changed names to comply with Linden Lab’s Third Party Viewer Policy.


  8. I’ve used Pocket Metaverse (previous Touch Life) for a few years. It’s pretty awesome and perfect for chat while u on the run or entering a gate in airports 😀
    However as Botgirl points out we still miss the streaming graphs before it really takes off.
    We might have to wait few years untill WebGL or cloud rendering takes over.


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