Top 5 ways to check LL office hours in Second Life

  1. Find a Linden profile in Search and check for their office hours shedule. Normally found in About section or Picks tab.
  2. Visit Office Hours wiki for a daily shedule of Linden Lab office hours. Updated info, start/end times and slurls.
  3. Search > All tab > Type in “Office Hours” > Click Search
  4. Follow slOfficeHours on Twitter for the latest info or grab a office hours hud inworld
  5. Visit Linden Village and explore LL offices for sheduled times

    inworld office hours, at which we (Lindens) encourage Residents to come to our Linden Village and openly discuss issues of interest.

    • Ask questions
    • Discuss fun and interesting topics
    • Find out the latest news
    • Meet Lindens inworld

    My big collection of photos from recent office hours in SL – check them out!