Upcoming SL 2010 Conferences

Upcoming schedule of official SL conferences taking place this year…Mark these dates on your calendars!!!

SL Newbie Hangouts 2010

Here are some of the most popular and well known new resident hangout areas in Second Life today to explore during 2010. Here are my new 2010 recommendations where you can learn the basics, meet new people and collect useful SL info.

  • Have fun and Welcome to the Second Life community 2010!
  • World > Create Landmark – Bookmark your favourite places then visit them whever you wish via your Inventory > Landmarks folder
  • There are many amazing places in Second Life to visit and everything can be found by clicking the Search button  > Showcase tab inworld. There are  many SL classes and live events in Second Life and that can be found by clicking on Search > Events tab > Education!
  • If you have any favourite new resident LMs then feel free to comment!

New Citizens Incorporated
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Greek Smile Help Point
Volunteer organization devoted to helping other residents, particularly newcomers.   Come visit, explore a beautiful sim, and make new friends.

Help People! Island
Volunteer organization devoted to helping other residents, particularly newcomers.   Come visit, explore a beautiful sim, and make new friends.

Orientation Island Public
Need help? Want to brush up on SL basics or missed Orientation Island, you can relearn the tutorials here. Public OI

the Shelter
A haven for those new to SL

Virtual Ability
Home of the award winning Virtual Ability, Inc. / Alliance Library System orientation, training and information facilities for people with disabilities and chronic illness.

Caledon Oxbridge
The Independent State of Caledon’s Community Gateway.

The Particle Laboratory
FREE Full-Perm Particle Scripts and ON/OFF and TARGET helper scripts!  Explore our self-paced particle classroom with interactive visual demonstrations, sandboxes, Particle Textures Library and “The Porgan 1800” advanced particles console

Ivory Tower Library of Primitives
A Self-Guided, Self-Paced, Comprehensive Building Tutorial.
• Safe area sandbox and limited weapons testing area.
• Primary Contacts: Lumiere Noir & Avi Arrow
• Ask for Help:  Avi Arrow, Arbitar Basiat, Mouse Mimistrobel

Ahern Welcome Area
Whether you’re starting or are well-lived into your Second Life, hang out here with other Residents.

Since 2003, Secondlife’s oldest community. A social / chat / hangout area, open space park; Run by furries , but NOT furry only. Anyone is welcome, as long as you’re considerate. Furry Avatars as well.

London Orientation Area
Welcome to Hyde Park in London, Lots for new and existing avatars to do here including skating on Winter Wonderland. Come to London, and see all the things in real life too through our crossover events in the real world.

GQ Start – New People Village – Help
GQ Reopening as a classroom with Instruction.
fishing, friends, hangout, freebies, classes,education, New Player, Newbie, Beginner, Basics, Information, Info, cheap house rentals for newbies,  Freebie store, clothes, hair, BOOTS!

White Tiger Help Island
Help. Lessons. Tutorials. Assistance. Helpers. New. Support.  People Helping People. Fireworks. Free Clothes. Building Area. Gallery of Original Artwork. Mentors. Guide. Guides. New Residents. Learning. Learn. Fun.

Korea Welcome Area

College of Scripting
Scripting Tutorials to program in Linden Language. Feel free to come learn how to Script from over 600 Lessons on 8 floors. Newbie Orientation and learn to Build from our Building Tutorials. Basics of Music ,Physics, Logic, Boolean Algebr