Second Life Grid Down for Maintenance from 5am PST Today

  • [6:54]  Second Life: Scheduled maintenance has now concluded. Logins have resumed and services such as mapping, teleports, inventory, object transfers and LindeX as well as XStreet and Support are once again available. Thank you!
  • [RESOLVED 6 Jan 6:30am Pacific] Maintenance has now completed. All services should once again be available. Thank you!
  • [5:19]  Second Life: Hello everyone! Scheduled maintenance has begun. For more information or updates, please see

It’s been a while since Second Life Grid was closed down on Wednesday for downtimes. Today from 5am PST Linden Lab will shut down the grid for about 90 minutes to carry out upgrade work on the database. This downtime will effect other SL services too. Best advice is to make sure you check out the Second Life Status Reports page every so often and look up some SL news or something. Expect long delays today!

  • Remember this? The Grid is down, while we bang on things. I have always loved this image of the monkeys. LMAO!!!
  • In the old days SL residents used to go to the SL Blog and SL Forums to wait till the grid opened again.
  • You may want to check out what SL residents are saying on Plurk, Twitter and Facebook during the downtime.

Check the Second Life Grid Status Reports page. Latest!

Wednesday January 6 2010 at 5:00 a.m. Pacific, we’ll be closing logins and disabling major inworld services for ninety minutes of upgrade work on our databases.

During the maintenance, logins, account registrations, XStreetSL, and the land store will be unavailable, along with Support Ticketing, Live Chat and telephone support.

The Knowledge Base will remain available.

Residents who are in world will not be disconnected when maintenance begins, but will lose access to services such as

  • mapping,
  • teleport,
  • inventory,
  • object and L$ transfers, and
  • LindeX.

We’ll warn in world several minutes before the outage begins, and we’ll post any changes to the scope and schedule of the work here as they develop.

We appreciate that this will inconvenience a number of our Residents. The maintenance work is to enhance the stability and performance of our database-backed services.