Doctor Who places in Second Life 2010

Are you a Doctor Who fan ? Check out some of the most popular Doctor Who places in Second Life today that will offer you a great Doctor Who experience during 2010.

  • SL Doctor Who Landmarks: Inworld click SEARCH > PLACES tab > type in Doctor Who!
  • SL Doctor Who Pictures: CLICK HERE
  • Top places in SL for doctor who fans below!

1. The Doctor Who Experience & Cardiff

  • Oldest and Largest Doctor Who Sim in Secondlife
  • Doctor Who, Cardiff, Britain, Wales, Dalek, Time Lord, Gallifrey, CyberMen, Tardis,Daleks, UNIT, Torchwood, Dr Who, SciFi, Stargate,Star, ships, sci fi, free avatars, novatech, snoo

2. The Doctor Who Zone ~  New London Village

  • SL’s busiest Doctor Who region.
  • Regular Events. A1 SciFi Mall, TARDIS, London, Time Lord, Big Ben, Zyngo, Sci-fi, freebies, Novatech, Hands of Omega, Hyperloom, British, Greedy Greedy, Star Trek, Thomas Conover, Stargate, Victorian

3. Hands of Omega TTC’s


  • Exact recreations from the TV show Doctor Who, new and old!  Original designs, canon reproductions, accessories, a huge product line for all your Who needs.

4. The Doctor Who Experience Freebie Store


  • Freebies for the Doctor Who community!

5. The Millennium Centre Sci-Fi Store – Doctor Who Avatars


  • 500L$ for dr who avatars

6. The Doctor Who Experience Tardis Park


  • Free parking for TARDIS exteriors for all visitors to the Doctor Who Experience & Cardiff.

7. Furry Time Lords :: Starlight Shop @ Timescape


  • Doctor Who,Tardis,Daleks,Sci-Fi,Time Lord,k9,snook,dr who,novatech,shop,lucky chair,LMC,time lords,time lord,time ladies,time, hands of omega

Happy Dr Who SL Travels