SL Winterfest Upcoming Events 2009

As expected Linden Lab have released new details of the upcoming 2009 Winterfest events on the Official Second Life Blog. Let the awesome Winterfest 2009 events begin….

Today, we are ready to get this snowball rolling… Grab your hot cocoa and ice skates! Below is the calendar of events for Winterfest 2009 activities hosted by Linden Lab – and you are urged to post your own Winterfest events in comments! (No advertising or shopping events, please!)


December 21st-23rd 2009

  • Skating & Bonfire Under the Stars
  • Monday Dec. 21st 6:00am-9:00amPST with ChiuNiu Ceres
  • Tuesday Dec. 22nd 1:00pm-4:00pmPST with Selo Jacobus
  • Wednesday Dec. 23rd 8:00pm-11:00pmPST with Radio Radio – Madame Maracas
  • Locations: Dasher, Prancer, Donner, Blitzen

December 28th-31st 2009

Winterfest Destination Guide 2009-10


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