Second Life on Windows 7, Update 2

Latest update from Torley Linden via Second Life Answers. This was posted up on the How soon before Windows 7 & SL are compatible? in mid November 2009. Check out my last post on SL Windows 7. Latest SL Answer Windows 7 posts…:)

I don’t have a date on this but our Quality Assurance peeps know, and when we’ve ratified Windows 7 good and proper, our System Requirements page will formally state this (it should also be updated to include all those new GPUs… anyone else drooling over those ATI Radeon 5870s yet?):

I’m currently using Windows 7 32-bit on a Q6600 w/GeForce 8800GTS and it mostly works fine. By “mostly”, I mean there’ll be occasions I start up SL and it has horribly slow framerate despite minimal activity elsewhere. Not sure what’s causing it but it may be because I have something else going on, and I haven’t seen widespread reports of this. Overall, Windows 7 has been a better experience for me than Vista.

This is some good news at least. I will post more updates in the near future on the latest news relating Windows 7 with SL.


7 thoughts on “Second Life on Windows 7, Update 2

  1. I’m running Win7 on my Dell XPS M1330 and also on my Samsung N510 netbook. It runs fine on both machines. The Dell gets very hot but is prone to that anyway 🙂

    The netbook has got an extra 1mb RAM (taking it up to 2mb) and has the new ION chip which seems to cope quite happily with SL.


  2. I have a issue that has been bugging me I just recently did a clean install of windows 7 to my system and I have found that I cant get voice in SL any more for some reason.. In this I mean the SLvoice.exe loads up and then shortly after words it crashes… My sounds card is not being detected by the program in this I can only think is cause it crashes shortly afterwards.. My question is any one experienced this yet and if so how did you manage too fix the problem..


  3. I have noticed that when I do modeling and there is a big video demand, SL goes poof! It is time SL gets with the program…


  4. i want to ask about somthing on second life can i download second life if i hav windows 7 or i should download windows xp plz tell me i hav windows 7 can it play with second life


    1. @dedesrk: I previouslly had Windows XP and used to have Second Life on it. In October 2009 I put Windows 7 on my machine and SL worked fine.

      You can download and run Second Life on XP/Windows 7. It should work either way. If it doesn’t then I recommend you check out the Second Life Requirements page Or try SL systest > to see your computer status in order to run SL right.


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