Second Life on Windows 7

UPDATE 4: Second Life Viewer is supported on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 – As of October 2010!


Currently there is no official SL support for Windows 7 and there is no official windows 7 compatible SL viewer yet. I have heard many SL residents that have been using Windows 7 with no problems at all. However on the other side of the scale there are residents that are having problems with using Second Life on Windows 7 including video card problems, driver problems and so forth.

Some SL residents have experiencing issues and still are having technical issues with the computer CPU usage reaching 100% when using Second Life on Windows 7.  The official SL requirements page is outdated and using SLsystest says “Sorry, your operating system does not meet this minimum requirement”. Linden Lab needs to fix this!

Already there are many Windows 7 issues reported on the Second Life JIRA and there many questions being asked about SL on Windows 7 which can be found on Second Life Answers.  Just make sure you have good enough specs and make sure you have updated drivers before running SL on Windows 7. If you have problems then submit a JIRA report etc…Second Life is used on all popular operating systems today such as: Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista and now Windows 7), Mac and Linux.

I’m sure in the coming months or next year at some point there will be SL support for Windows 7 and a Windows 7 SL compatible viewer (just like XP, Vista). Just hang in there!


4 thoughts on “Second Life on Windows 7

  1. Hi, i have no problems with running sl on windows 7 64 bit, other then the annoying freezing that happens ever so often. And it wont close until i manually restart. i would love if anyone could help witht this or fix the issue.


  2. win7 64 bit radeon 4850X2 sli. msi x58 platinum 6 GB .. sl is choppy, move [or cam] a ways then it freezes a second and resumes.. other day sl ran over 8 hours mostly with NO input from me.. usually it will crash [sl] once or twice in a evening, usually when either camming or moving files to another avi. i have vob disabled..any way to “read” the sl crash logs to zero in on probs? BTW vista machine is fine as is XP home machine on same MODEM/ROUTER


  3. Helloo, i need help! I have now windows 7 and don’t know where to find and what to download to play again Second life, i had windows XP before. I just try to download again viewer 2 but nothing… I cant find anything wich say its for windows 7 so i could download… Damm, i dont know what i need so i can play again… 😦


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