My 3rd Rez Day in Second Life

Today (31/10/09) marks my 3rd year Rez Day in Second Life. 3 years have passed by and I have loved every moment of it. In days that’s 1095 days old in SL since I first registered for (TSL) = SL back on 31st October 2006. I transferred to the Main Grid last December and since then it’s been awesome.  I love this time of year because it’s Halloween and it’s lot’s of fun  in SL. I still ask myself the question why I registered on Halloween, hahahaha. Perhaps you could tell me? *giggles*

Thanks to my friends, fans and everybody else for following my adventures over the years. I love you all! 😀

3rd year SL anniversary celebrations start now!

Previous Rez Days

  • 1st Rez Day in 2007 LINK + LINK
  • 2nd Rez Day in 2008
  • 2009

    I love Second Life!

    It’s been an amazing journey so far

    Let the adventures continue!

    Happy Halloween 2009

    SL October Highlights 2009

    Key Highlights during October 2009 from around the Second Life community. It’s been a very busy month!. My Blog and other stats will be published next month. For my September 2009 highlights check out this. 😀

    What have you enjoyed or least enjoyed during October 2009 ?

    What are you looking forward during November 2009

    The Corn Fields, Halloween in Second Life 2009

    Happy Halloween 2009!

    SL Corn Fields 2009Corn Fields are OPEN PUBLIC!

    • Second Life 2009 Halloween season has arrived.
    • I’ll be celebrating my 3rd rez day on 31st Oct 2009.
    • Guide to Halloween in Second Life 2009

    Halloween Tips


    This year, for the very first time, Linden Lab will open The Corn Field to the Residents of Second Life for a very limited time

    (Oct. 28-Nov. 2). Another Linden Haunting spot is The Channel Island Asylum.

    Linden Hauntings and More
    We’d like to invite you to join special Linden Lab guests for hauntings during the week leading up to Halloween. During the times below, join Residents, Lindens and miscellaneous spooks as we all celebrate Halloween, Second Life Style!

    Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 7am – Noon PDT
    Thursday, Oct. 29 at Noon – 5pm PDT
    Friday, Oct. 30 at 5pm -11pm PDT

    Bonus! And those of you that love collecting Linden Bears: This year’s Halloween Linden Bear will be located at both Haunting sites, along with a few other tricks and treats.


    Landmarks (SLURLS)

    The Corn Field

    The Corn Field2

    The Corn Field3

    The Corn Field4


    SL Halloween Spotlight 2009

    In total, almost 200 Residents submitted items of which 86 were included in this year’s Halloween Spotlight.



    Burning Life 2009 Stats

    Second Life Burning Life 2009 stats released via Burning Life group in-world. Resident posted. I think Dusty Linden or another Linden may post 2009 BL09 follow up soon.

    For me BL09 was a great experience to be part of and there are many happy moments through the experience. I was a stage manager and greeter during the time at Burning Life 2009. I took over 200 snaps of BL09 and can be viewed on my Flickr under SL Events collection

    I can’t wait until next year Burning Life 2010.


    BL09 Stats

    There were 469 hours used on 3 stages and over 300 performers for a usage factor of 90.4% up and running.


    BL08 Stats

    I managed to find these stats for Burning Life 2008 posted by Dusty Linden on the Official Second Life Blog.

    During the week, Burning Life was visited by over 25,000 of you, for about 42,000 hours, with an average of 36 minutes per visit.

    To put that into context, almost 2% of all Second Life Residents came to Burning Life during the week. On a daily basis, an average of 4200 visitors came, with a high of 5213 on the 29th, the first Sunday of the event.

    US Residents led the way with 59% with UK second with 9%. Germany and the Netherlands represented 7% and 4% respectively.


    Burning Life 2009 Surveys

    Temple Burn (25th October 2009)

    On the official Second Life Burning Life website there is a new page called Burning Life 09 Surveys to fill out. Please visit that page to tell the BL09 staff what you thought of Burning Life 09 by taking a short 10 question survey. This is important for the growth of the event for Burning Life 2010 and for future years after next year. Please make sure you select the survey that describes your involvement at Burning Life 2009.


    MyPrimOnlineMe Beta Testing

    Oliver Szondi in Second Life has been working on his project called MyPrimOnlineMe over recent months.  MyPrimOnlineMe is where you can share your pictures from SL and RL. Register today and receive 100L$ for your uploads.

    Would you like a beta test?


    • Sign up
    • Go go the location
    • Click on the sign up panel then login

    It’s planned to be launched between Wednesday and Friday at the very latest next week. You can also check out MyPrimOnlineMe twitter page for updates. For more info please contact Oliver Szondi.

    Upcoming: Man Burn and Temple Burn shedule at BL09

    Here are the official times for the man burn and temple burn at Burning Life 2009 in Second Life. Watch out for group notices and group conferences in the coming days.  Don’t miss it!



    Man Burn 1: Europe Burn
    Gather: SLT, Sat, Oct 24, 11:30am / Paris, Sat, Oct 24, 8:30pm / Sydney, Sun, Oct 25, 4:30am
    Burn: SLT, Sat, Oct 24, 11:45am / Paris, Sat, Oct 24, 8:45pm / Sydney, Sun, Oct 25, 4:45am
    Sunrise SLT, Sat, Oct 24, 12:30pm / Paris, Sat, Oct 24, 9:30pm / Sydney, Sun, Oct 25, 5:30am

    Man Burn 2: USA Burn
    Gather: SLT, Sat, Oct 24, 7:30pm / Paris, Sun, Oct 25, 4:30am / Sydney, Sun, Oct 25, 12:30pm
    Burn: SLT, Sat, Oct 24, 7:45pm / Paris, Sun, Oct 25, 4:45am / Sydney, Sun, Oct 25, 12:45pm
    Sunrise SLT, Sat, Oct 24, 8:30pm / Paris, Sun, Oct 25, 5:30am / Sydney, Sun, Oct 25, 1:30pm

    Man Burn 3: Aust/Asia Burn
    Gather: SLT, Sun, Oct 25, 3:30am / Paris, Sun, Oct 25, 12:30pm / Sydney, Sun, Oct 25, 8:30pm
    Burn: SLT, Sun, Oct 25, 3:45am / Paris, Sun, Oct 25, 12:45pm / Sydney, Sun, Oct 25, 8:45pm
    Sunrise SLT, Sun, Oct 25, 4:30am / Paris, Sun, Oct 25, 1:30pm / Sydney, Sun, Oct 25, 9:30pm

    Temple Burn 1: Europe Burn
    Gather: SLT, Sun, Oct 25, 11:30am / Paris, Sun, Oct 25, 8:30pm / Sydney, Mon, Oct 26, 4:30am
    Burn: SLT, Sun, Oct 25, 11:45am / Paris, Sun, Oct 25, 8:45pm / Sydney, Mon, Oct 26, 4:45am
    Sunrise SLT, Sun, Oct 25, 12:30pm / Paris, Sun, Oct 25, 9:30pm / Sydney, Mon, Oct 26, 5:30am

    Temple Burn 2: USA Burn

    Gather: SLT, Sun, Oct 25, 7:30pm / Paris, Mon, Oct 26, 4:30am / Sydney, Mon, Oct 26, 12:30pm
    Burn: SLT, Sun, Oct 25, 7:45pm / Paris, Mon, Oct 26, 4:45am / Sydney, Mon, Oct 26, 12:45pm
    Sunrise SLT, Sun, Oct 25, 8:30pm / Paris, Mon, Oct 26, 5:30am / Sydney, Mon, Oct 26, 1:30pm

    Temple Burn 3: Aust/Asia Burn
    Gather: SLT, Mon, Oct 26, 3:30am / Paris, Mon, Oct 26, 12:30pm / Sydney, Mon, Oct 26, 8:30pm
    Burn: SLT, Mon, Oct 26, 3:45am / Paris, Mon, Oct 26, 12:45pm / Sydney, Mon, Oct 26, 8:45pm
    Sunrise SLT, Mon, Oct 26, 4:30am / Paris, Mon, Oct 26, 1:30pm / Sydney, Mon, Oct 26, 9:30pm

    Check out the BL09 Events Calendar, CLICK HERE.

    Linden Lab Upcoming Event Listings

    Find out where Lindens are speaking on the new events page on SL Work microsite. There is a great upcoming shedule for the next few months and the listings update every 2 weeks. LINK

    Check out the Second Life Work microsite, CLICK HERE.

    Second Life in the News is another page worth looking at with loads of news media links.

    New Second Life Knowlege Base migration completed

    Linden Lab announced yesterday on the Official Second Life Blog, that the KB has been moved to the new Second Life Wiki home (Knowlege Base) and that the migration phrase has now been completed. CLICK HERE to visit the new KB wiki. Thanks to the Doc Team for their hard work they have put into this over recent months. 😀

    It’s official: Our Knowledge Base (KB) has been moved to the Second Life Wiki! Now that our massive migration is complete, we can offer several tremendous, hands-on benefits to improve your knowledge-seeking and knowledge-sharing experience, including:

    • Direct linking–at long last! The link you see is what you copy and paste to share helpful articles with others. It’s that simple.|
    • Unified help resource! When the KB and the Wiki existed in two different places, some were confused over where to look for help. Viva la unification! Now there’s just one place to find everything you need.
    • Link hotlist integration! Have a few articles that you refer to over and over again? Take a few minutes to make a Wiki page, link to those on-Wiki pages, and then share it with others with similar needs.
    • Robust internationalization! The Wiki is already used by numerous volunteers to provide translated versions of KB articles. Multibyte character encoding support, which our previous system didn’t have, means that languages like Japanese and others with extended characters will be retained as intended.
    • Accelerated article revision time! The team effort makes updates a breeze. Not only does wikifying the KB make it easier for us to release content updates, but you can also review articles for even faster dissemination of information. Heck, if you spot a mistake, you can correct it in minutes or even seconds.

    What do you think of the new Second Life Knowlege Base ?

    Guide to Burning Life 2009

    The 7th Burning Life in Second Life was officially opened at around 12pm SLT on Saturday 17th October 2009, with hundreds of residents attending the opening hours of BL09. I’m a BL Stage Manager and BL Greeter which I’m happy about.I managed to find a great BL09 outfit and you can view pics of that on my flickr stream. A few days before opening I had access to attend a sneak preview of the upcoming SL Burning Man burning event for 2009.

    Burning Life 2009 is bigger than ever before it seems and this time I have the chance of attending Burning Life because in previous years I was still on the TG. This is brand new experience for me in Second Life, so far so good. I’ll be sharing SLURLs and updates though Plurk, Twitter and Facebook. Check there for BL09 updates.

    My first throughts about BL09

    • Impressive art work
    • Great venues to enjoy the music
    • Amazed by the amount of regions there are to explore
    • Cool festival feeling
    • So many happy and helpful residents at BL09

    Feedback from others about BL09

    Fun things going on all the time
    Very laggy and no fun
    Always something going on at BL, it’s a must take part in event

    This is my BL09 Guide

    Stay Informed

    BL09 Pictures

    Check out my BL09 flickr set for my latest adventures and more!

    Send and share your Burning Life 2009 snapshots here!

    Need a BL09 guide ?

    If you have any BL09 guides, blogs, groups etc then feel free to post them in the comments section below. What were your first thoughts of Burning Life 2009 when it opened on 17th October 2009?. I hope that this guide will be handy, enjoy. Over and out! Have a great Burning Life experience.