Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009 in Second Life

Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, which comes around every year on the 19th of September.

Ahoy! me Mateys, it be Talk Like Pirate Day in Second Life. There are loads of pirate shopping places to go to get your pirate avatars and outfits. There are many Pirate cool landmarks to visit in Second Life and Pirate SL events happening all day.

Search for “Pirates” in SEARCH

Pirate Locations in Second Life to VISIT

Black Spot Shipyard
Home of the Pirate Ship Black Sparrow,  the Crow, and other old style tall ships and boats  in various sizes

Pirate Island Of Jabberwock
pirate,pirates,pirate rp, pirate battles, spd,tss ships,flintlocks&SPD weapons,swords,pirate AVs & clothes,-SL’s largest pirate rp area-8 sims for pirates to plunder!   Yarrrrr!

GUUD Talk Like a Pirate Translator
Speak like a Pirate

DarkDharma Avatar Isle
Check out the pirates

Pirate Hats – Pirates weapon treasure raft poses gun parrot cannon pegleg eyepatch treasure tatoo Pirate ship boat coffin final fantasy globe pitchfork rum Hat – Free Pirate Ship, branding Tricorner Hats, Beanie, cutouts

Promise’s Pirate Shop
All things Pirate.. Shirts etc.

pirate stuff, best (and cheep) pirate clothes for men and women, waterfall, pirate grottos, pirate ships, pirate boats, sails, pirate Outfits, pirat, piraten, Tricornes, uniforme, MEDIEVAL, Castles, Medieval furnitures, goast, grotto cave

Pirate Ships Yard
Welcome to our sky platform, beautiful ships for sale. ships, ship, boat, pirate, chinese junk, ships, boat, pirate, chinese junk, ships, pirate ship,pirate , pirate ship, pirate ship, pirate, galleon, pirate ship, ships

Arrr, have a great day, gar!


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