SL Mentor Stats, September 2009

SL Mentor group count

2nd February 2009
1, 733 Members

25th April 2009
1, 687 Members

5th May 2009
1, 682 Members

22nd May 2009
1, 679 Members

July 16th 2009
1, 653 Members

September 18th 2009LATEST
1, 633 Members

September 2009 Update

  • SL Volunteer Islands are used for SL Mentors only
  • SL Mentors can still help on Help Islands – There are updated tutorial boards now
  • The new SL Volunteer Blog has been set up and is now live
  • SL Answers has been really successful so far for SL Volunteers helping out the SL community
  • SL Volunteer Forum is coming soon
  • Check the SL Volunteer Portal wiki page for new the new updates

SL Volunteer program is still closed for new mentors joining, there are no details on when it will open again. I joined SL Mentors group in December 2008, I’m not sure on the previous group members stats. If you know how many there were before 2008, feel free to comment. Would love to know!