Former TG regions, groups, cool places on the MG

This is a quick easy guide for TG residents transferring very soon to the Main Grid or Teens that have already celebrated their 18th birthday in Second Life. There are regions which are former-TG regions that have been moved over and created on the Main Grid. There are many popular former-TG created TSL groups on the Main Grid to join which are either free to join or ask for a invite for. There are guides located around Baffin to click on to find out about what the MG has to offer. Note: 13-17yrs should be on the TG and 18+ on the MG.

If you are teen on the TG and turning 18 years old shortly, you will need to send a support ticket to transfer to the MG, send in your ID, LL will review your ticket, and you will be transferred on your birthday. When you arrive your groups, friends list and landmarks will be automatically removed/deleted. Your inventory transfers over with you along with your L$. It’s going to be hard leaving your friends behind and you can always keep in contact through messenger services etc.

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  • Happy 18th Birthday and welcome to the Main Grid.
  • Make yourself at home here while you’re finding your way around the Main Grid.


Baffin – Teen Grid Transfer StationJade Lily
This is where our youngest Residents come to celebrate their transition to the Main Grid. Celebrate the spirit of Second Life!

Okarthel & Thurkear – Sylver Bu
Dernier Cri – Asuka Martin
Skins, hair, apparel, shoes, accessories, fashion


Teen Grid Transfers
Slowly taking over MG…one teen at a time!

TG Survivors
For all the people who, after their experience on the TG, are still up and kicking.
Also, for all the cool people who want to help them feel integrated to the MG.
Group for events and hangout, though suggestions are always welcome.
Just transferred/feel left out? Drop an IM to any of the admins to join!

TG Transfers
A group to ease teens into the Main Grid, help them find their way upon entering mature regions, etc.

Old TG Friends
If you have ever been on TG this group is for you, Everyone in this group has at one ime been on Teen Grid. Founder Transfered Feb, 2008

Global Kids Allies
This is a group for those allied with Global Kids <> and its work in Second Life, primarily to support the GK island in the teen grid.

Recommend Places to visit

Grendel’s Children
Avatars, Dragon, Gryphon, Werewolf ,Animal ,Demon, Dinosaur, pets, skins and more! Creatures abound! Low priced, high quality! For Grendel !

Since 2003, Secondlife’s oldest community. Run by furries , but NOT furry only. Anyone is welcome, as long as you’re considerate. Furry Avatars as well.

Prim Hearts
Amusement Park in Second Life

International Spaceflight Museum
Spaceport Bravo, one of SciLands member ISM’s islands, has the Vehicle Assembly Building & the Orbiter Processing Facility. The ISM is totally volunteer built and donation supported. Not a NASA activity.  BravoPort.

NCI Kuula – New Citizens Incorporated
New Player, New Resident, Newbie, Noob, Beginner, Help, Basics, Information, Info, Questions, Freebies, Free Stuff, Clothing, Sandbox, Hangout, Newsstand, Ginny Gremlin Park, Mall, Events, Tutorials, Classes, Class, Education, Learn

the Shelter
A haven for those new to SL

Video tutorials! FREE textures! Watermelons! Come, visit, enjoy. ~*~ KEYWORDS: video tutorial tip trick game world 3d online virtual avatar screencast help machinima love sl watermelon learn education knowledge vidtut tutorial teach fun x

Greenies Home Rezzable
<presented by Rezzable>  Join Us! Green the Grid!  Greenies, greenie, light wave, spac, flying saucer, disco lives, giant, megaprim, skates, avatars, fly, fun, wacky, kooky, best sim in sl, wonder of sl

Mauve Public Sandbox
SL Orientation, Building Tutorials, Help for Newbies, Classes, Free Stuff. Advertise your business on the advertising billboard. Advertising space for rent in the oldest and most popular sandbox.

Linden Village
Explore where Linden Lab Employees Live and Meet in Second Life.  Click on the kiosk at the landing point for more information.

Dance Island
LIVE DJ artists & Live music > 24h-7days  LIVE !!!!

Don’t Forget

If I’ve missed anything out, feel free to comment and I hope this guide has been helpful for you.

Happy Second Life adventures!