Class action lawsuit against Linden Lab

Breaking on the SL news wires and on social networking sites like Plurk, Twitter and Facebook.  Strokerz Toyz/Eros LLC takes Linden Lab to court in class action lawsuit apparently.

Kevin Alderman, who sells virtual erotic goods in Second Life, said in court papers that Linden Lab allows other virtual marketers to offer knock-offs of his “SexGen” beds and other products.

“Eros’s virtual erotic SexGen products sold for use in Second Life have been counterfeited, cloned, and ripped off countless times by a multitude of Second Life residents,” the lawsuit alleges.

Shannon Grei, who sells virtual clothing under the business name “Nomine,” also joined in the lawsuit. She alleged that Linden Lab infringes her copyright by allowing other marketers to sell fake versions of her designs.

Linden Lab declined to comment. The company has faced similar allegations in at least two prior lawsuits, but neither resulted in substantive court rulings.

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