Sending Postcards in Second Life

@ SL Tutorial 36

Sending Postcards in Second Life is great fun and you have the chance of sharing your adventures with your friends in Second Life or even in Real Life. Sending postcards just takes a few moments and then you will be done. Before you start sending postcards, make sure you join Second Life sharing sites, which supports SL postcards. Flickr, Snapzilla, Koinup, Mixoom and blogHUD are popular SL photo sharing sites you might to check out.


This is how you do it…

  • Click Snapshot button at the bottom of your SL window (viewer)
  • Select Send Va email
  • Email Snapshot window appears
  • Type in the Recipient’s Email, Your Email, Your Name, Subject and Message
  • When you are happy with your snapshot, click on Send
  • You will see a Sending… blue message for a few seconds
  • You have successfully sent your SL postcard
  • Yay!


  • Send Via email = free
  • Save to Inventory = 10L$ for uploads
  • Save to your hard drive = free
  • View pictures in your Inventory = Photo Album and Textures folder
  • Don’t forget you can send pictures with the user interface on too
  • Check out Snapshot resources wiki page
  • Happy Sharing 🙂

As the old adage goes, “practice makes perfect”, and what’s important is you’re enjoying yourself as you “capture the moments”

Torley Linden


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