Removing Ruth Cloud in Second Life

SL Tutorial: @35

Method 1

  • Right click on yourself
  • Choose Appearance
  • Exit Appearance – Adjusting sometimes will remove the ruth cloud

Method 2

  • Changing things that you are currently wearing should help remove the ruth cloud

Method 3 –  (options)

  • Relog will reset and will hopefully remove the ruth cloud
  • Clear cache in Preferences
  • Try to log into non-laggy places
  • Loss of connection
  • Rebake textures in advanced menu
  • Disable Render Avatar Imposters in Edit > Preferences > Graphics tab should remove the cloud

More on Ruth


One thought on “Removing Ruth Cloud in Second Life

  1. nalates

    I disagree with the clearing cache part of the fix. For some time the Lab and Firestorm Dev’s have been pushing the idea that clearing cache is a last resort sort of fix. For many clearing the cache will aggravate the problem.

    Leave clearing the cache until the absolute last thing you try.

    With the viewer side avatar baking one fix for cloud appearance is to change your active group. No one seems to know why that works. But, it has worked for me numerous times and is an long time quick fix for bake fail.



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