Coming Soon: Burning Life 2009

Been informed that Burning Life 2009 in Second Life will be scheduled, between the 3rd-11th October 2009. This year Burning Life will mark its 7th year in Second Life. I’ve never ever been to Burning Life before in Second Life, because there was nothing scheduled like this on the Teen Grid. I transferred to the Main Grid in mid December 2008. I’m looking forward to something new and hopefully it will be a great adventure when it opens in early October. If i’m around I will be blogging about my experiences at Burning Life.

Burning Life is a festival of art and community held in the virtual world of Second Life. It was first held in 2003 when the Second Life grid was still in its infancy, and 2008 marks its 6th year.

Via Group Notice: 24th August 2009

Volunteers: We need 24 hour stage managing. So please if you are interested drop by the Performance Office and drop me a notecard in the red mailbox to the right

Please name it “BL Stage mgr-YOUR NAME”
In the note:
Your time zone-
Which days/times are good for you-
I will be taking names right up till the event  BUT if you want your preferred time you should get me your list ASAP.

LANDMARK – Add notecard to red mailbox

I would love to know what your previous experiences were if you have ever gone to Burning Life in Second Life. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Burning Life 2009

  1. The Burning Life experiences I’ve had have been magical (if lagfilled) and worth every moment you can spend there. 🙂


  2. Can’t wait!! This must be my very favorite Second Life event, and I look forward to it every year.

    I have seen many incredible builds, picked up some awesome and fun freebies, (some that can’t really be mentioned!) and just wandered around soaking up the artistic atmosphere for hours at a time.

    It should not be missed by anyone looking for the wonder and creativity that makes Second Life the fantastic place it is.


  3. I wasn’t here for it last year, but I’m very much diving in on Burning Life this year. Off to find out how to be an builder/exhibitor dude.

    Ty for the post, Daniel. 🙂


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